The Library

Check out some stuff I've written via my wattpad. Or, just click on one of the stories below if you're interested in a specific one! Please comment and give feedback if you read them :)

A murder mystery short story of a crime in a classy garden venue.

There are only two wizards left in the world, and magic is becoming increasingly scarce. Finally, the prophesied Chosen One is located, the one destined to redeem the world from the death it has fallen into. Marya and Kellin must escort the Chosen One, despite his annoying demeanor, to his place of destiny, in hopes that he will have what it takes to save the world.


  1. Dude! I'm always so thrilled when I find other bloggers that post on Wattpad! I'm so going to check out your books and give you a follow.


    1. Oh my gosh haha thanks!! I'll have to check yours out as well. Mine aren't that great... a little old now, I know I could do better. But I leave them up just in case someone finds something good in them haha XD