January Playlist

Some new songs for all of you. Comment favorites :)

Homemade Dynamite- Lorde
Love You Madly- Cake
Take on me- a-ha
Devil In Me- Halsey
BITE- Troye Sivvan
Motion Sickness- Phoebe Bridgers
The First Time Ever I saw Your Face- Offa Rex
Mariner's Revenge- The Decemberists
The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds
This Eve of Parting- John Hartford
She Will Be Loved- Maroon Five
Perfect- Ed Sheeran
Harsh Light- Nate Ruess
Youth- Daughter
All those friendly people - Funeral Suits
Only for you- Heartless Bastards
When the lights go out- Crybaby
Think of You- Bleached
Glazin’- Jacuzzi boys
Shelter song- Temples
Take Me Somewhere Nice- Mogwai
Twin size mattress- The Front Bottoms
Through Your Eyes- Blue Sushi
Peach Milk- Decade

p.s. do you guys like these playlist posts? Let me know if they bore you. I don't know if my music taste is actually good or not so XD


  1. I love these playlist posts. I've been looking for new music. I think I'm always looking for new music!! BUT YES. THESE ARE GREAT. One thing I might add is a playlist in Spotify it'd be a lot easier to find the music that way. But this is still great!!

    Simply Me

    1. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoy these! Unfortunately, I don't have a Spotify :( But I could try to do it on youtube, as Andrea said. Glad you enjoy these though!

    2. That would be so sweet if you could do that! No pressure though! I still love looking at the lists.

      And darling, thank you for praying for me and my family. It helps to know there are people praying for me. <3

    3. Of course V. You have such a beautiful soul. God is with you, feel his presence <3

  2. ooo more songs! they're not boring at all! I do agree with Vanessa though, putting them all together on spotify or some other such music streaming service (or even youtube) would be handy! but anyways, I am v excited to look these up :D

    1. Thank you Andrea! As I told V, I don't have Spotify but I'll look around for another way to do it (Youtube is a great idea). I hope you enjoy these :)

  3. "She Will Be Loved" is a classic! Also, people have been posing the question: when he gets married, who will sing for Ed Sheeran???

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I know right? Such a throwback haha. Ah who knows, I feel like he's everyone's go-to for weddings! Maybe he'll just sing for himself haha XD