September Book Reviews

Plutona by Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox, and Jordie Bellaire
2/5 Stars

I picked up this comic because I wanted a more contemporary superhero story with an indie feel and an interesting art style. I'd been eyeing it in the local comic shop for a while and I was hopeful that I would find a more artsy alternative to the classic DC/Marvel comics that are loved and well known. Although this comic did have an interesting art style and an interesting concept, it felt disconnected. It also finished without any semblance of closure, meaning, or moral, and no hint of the Plutona story continuing. I personally hope they choose to make more chapters because I want to see this comic that has so much potential properly closed up and given the plot quality it deserves. The concepts were, I though, brilliant, but poorly executed.

Lucky Penny by Anath Hirsh and Yuko Ota
4/5 Stars

This comic book was super fun and quirky! I loved the humor and found myself laughing out loud more than once. It was a simple, fun read with a cute art style and a likable protagonist. I hight recommend this as a quick read for a trip or a lazy morning.

One by Sarah Crossan
4.5/5 Stars

This verse-novel was a touching story about the lives of two girls who are conjoined twins. It was touching, emotional, and real. I was deeply moved and it made me think a lot about a small group of people I'd rarely given any thought to. I was glad that it opened my eyes to what it is like to live as a conjoined twin, and gave me insight on how they feel so that if I ever met a pair I could better relate to them and befriend them. I really appreciate how this book was written as well, as the poetic style really gave the story the emphasis it needed. The only thing that bumped this book down half a star was that I felt that some of the portrayals of high school were, in my experience, unrealistic, and that the ending was just terribly sad and didn't provide much happiness or hopeful outlook, which I appreciate in a book. I understand why it was written with a sad ending but in some ways the ending just felt full of endless despair and made the book feel very very sad once you finished it. So be warned about the sad ending.

Blankets by Craig Thompson
4/5 Stars

This autobiographical graphic novel was deeply personal and real. It covers what it's like to grow up in an intensely religious area, and how it can feel when people's claimed faiths contradict their actions. The artwork in this was beautiful and the story was raw. I was full of emotion during the entire, thing, and cried a few times. It was touching and heartbreaking, and as a Christian I felt very sad about the way the other Christians were treating the main character, and the impact that has. It deeply touched me and I would recommend this to lots of readers but especially Christians, because it is an important reflection on how the church can be more negative than positive in a life if we forget how Jesus truly was and focus instead on rules and judgment. The fact that the author was also the main character was amazing, and I really want to meet Craig Thompson now! I was so inspired by his beautiful work.


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