Blogger Party !!

Hey readers! Today I wanted to participate in a quick tag from Abigail Lennah from the Ups & Downs. She recently did a post about her dream blogger meet up, and I was so excited to participate. If you haven't read her post yet, go read it, because all her ideas are so awesome. As for my dream blogger party (to which you are ALL invited):

Venue: Ok definitely a big city, such as New York or LA. We'd need a lot of places to visit and aesthetic things to do. Plus exploring the city with all of you in small groups, taking photos, eating at little cafes, and buying stuff at little shops would be so much fun.

Three Foods:
1) Pancakes. Every morning. Vanessa did a pancake tag forever ago and I still haven't gotten those photos out of my head I need to eat a pancake breakfast with you all.
2) Tea and coffee (even though they are drinks) because who hasn't posted a photo of their aesthetic drink before? Plus I'm pretty sure every blogger has either a tea or coffee obsession (or at least all the ones I've talked to).
3) Pasta and salad. Because it's pasta and salad and everyone likes it and nothing is better than spaghetti and caesar salad after a long day out.

Five Artists or Bands: Oh no. I'm going to try and choose not super obscure stuff ok I'm really trying.
1) Panic! At the Disco because don't pretend like half of you guys aren't secretly emo ok we're going to need that.
2) Probably Lorde because her new Melodrama album is priceless and would be great to listen to while talking and chilling late into the night.
3) American Authors are also just nice to jam and generally upbeat and happy too add those guys in there.
4) Depeche Mode. Because aesthetic jam.
5) Ed Sheeran because I'm pretty sure everyone knows some of his songs and they're all pretty nice and pleasant.

Three Activities:
2) Ranting. About books and movies and art and everything in between.
3) Probably sitting around reading because let's be real like over half of us are introverts and are going to need that downtime. I'm not an extrovert so I'll be partaking in that. For extroverts who don't want to read (because you very well might and if so please join us) there will be an ongoing dance party which everyone is free to participate in (including introverts I love dancing so I will also be there).

Collab Post to Do At the Party:
Hmm. I feel like it would be fun to write a story with some of you writers out there. Or maybe a creative thing where each of us tells a story from a different characters perspective and puts them all together to make a very dynamic impression of a single experience? Let me know if you want to participate in that with me haha I feel like it would be so cool.

What Interactions or Habits Would You Notice? Well the first thing that popped into my head is that I'd see who was actually a neat organized person and who just sweeps everything off their desk so they can take the "clean" picture. I am an in between to be honest. I would also like to see who is constantly writing/drawing in notebooks (me) or taking photos with their fancy camera. I like to watch artists in action. Also I'm excited to see my fashion blogger friends preparing special outfits for days out (give me some tips please).

Well that's it guys, who wants to come? You're all invited. I seriously wish we could all get together like this, how amazing would it be? You're all tagged to participate in this as well, highly recommend, it was super fun. Also, participate in Abigail's Blogger Yearbook, it's awesome for her to put together and we need everyone in it!


  1. THIS SOUNDS SO PERFECT. :') <3 Can you imagine if this actually happened? It would be the most wonderful thing.

  2. Yeeeessss!! I am obsessed with this tag. Love your answers. :)

  3. hahah this sounds like a lot of fun. and nope not gonna pretend i'm not secretly emo. the reading party sounds fantastic ;)

    1. Yes! You're most definitely on the guest list haha. Thank you for the lovely comment <3

  4. Vivian!!! I'm so happy that you ended up doing this tag-- I love all of your answers! Pasta and salad would be so good to have, especially if we end up being exhausted from ranting or the dance party! The collab idea that you have in mind is so cool; I'd be down writing from a character's perspective and seeing how it all fits well together. This is going to be epic when this happens!!! :D

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. Your emo comment reminded me about this convo I had with some volunteers and our boss where we talked about how we all go through a slight emo phase-- I'm still kind of hovering over that emo phase to be honest. xD

    1. Yes! I'm so glad you tagged me for it it's so much fun :) I loved it. We should actually get some writer bloggers together to do that someday it would be fun. I know I sure hope if could somehow haha it would be amazing. Ah yepppp, I'm basically still right there **glances at the giant TØP flag hanging from my ceiling and the two pairs of dr. martens and black skinny jeans on the floor** Thanks for the comment Abigail, and thanks again for the tag <3

  5. *Goes and finds this Melodrama album to play while I read this post*
    This tag is getting big I better jump on it soon! I love the different ideas that we all have for a blogger meet up. I would love to some to one of those cities to meet up with everyone. AHHH You are going to go crazy about this. BUT WAFFLES. I still love pancakes but lately it's been all about the waffles. Gosh I love them.

    Was so much fun to read this post!

    1. Yes it's such a good album I'm so glad you're listening to it. I'd certainly love to hear your ideas yes you should do it! A city would be so nice. Ah waffles though you're so right maybe we'll just throw some in with the pancakes haha they're so so good as well. Glad you enjoyed V!

  6. This was so much fun to read!
    I think it would be so amazing if all of the bloggers could come together and hangout! That would be so amazing!!!

    1. Yes! Thanks Shelby ((also I haven't seen you around for a bit, I missed you. Nice to see you again <3))

  7. I am so obsessed with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR MUSIC PICKS!! you have good taste my friend