Painting Roses

Hello friends-- happy end of spring/beginning of summer!
And for my American friends out there in the internet, happy memorial day, and I hope you all are enjoying your three day weekend.

I have had quite a lovely few days which included a dinner picnic at the courthouse with a movie, a trip to the comic book store, I Madonnari (a chalk-painting festival) at the mission, sitting in the sun at the rose garden, and binging Legion at my friend's house ((anyone else into that show?)). I also spent some time working on Magic the Gathering decks ((I'm a nerd ok you should've figured that out by now)) and going through my old American Girl Doll stuff, which was so nostalgic ((saving it all for my future kids)). It's been nice, and I'm all the more excited for summer now.

What color rose are you? I'm yellow :)

Here have some photos because I like to imagine I'm aesthetic 

2 Year Blogiversary?!?


It's been two years since I started this blog.

Where has the time gone?

For my blogiversary post this year I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your comments, subscriptions, and views. I know any blogger can tell you how special it feels to have someone appreciate your art and the work you put into the world. I've been through a lot during the time I've written this blog, and, being the way I am, I tend to leave more personal details out of my writing. But whenever I was tired or sad, I loved to check my inbox and see that someone had left a sweet comment on my sketchbook post, or a thought on my poetry. It makes my day every time. And providing you all with quality content you enjoy is something I love doing and want to continue doing for as long as I can.

So as for right now, you may have noticed my posts are starting to shift and change a bit and morph into something new. Things are becoming more personal, but also more ambiguous. I'm trying to keep core things like art, poetry, writing, and photography around but present them in a new format I like. I'm also trying to incorporate more music, because that's becoming such a big part of my life, and always has been. I'm curious to hear your thoughts-- are these posts working for you? Did you prefer older stuff? Are there posts I used to do that I don't anymore that you miss? Posts you wish I'd do more of? Please let me know below. 

Thank you again for all of your support and love. And thank you, those of you that are my fellow blogger buddies, for putting your creations out there as well on your own blogs. They inspire me. Stay wonderful my friends <3

Some Guitar For Those Who Need It

Full Circle- Half Moon Run
Nana- the 1975
BMI Valentine (Acoustic)- Relient K
The Gambler- Fun.
Sleeping Giant- Fort Atlantic
Psalm 46- Jenny & Tyler
Heart- Sleeping at Last
Remember When- O+S
Willow- Arcadian Wild

some gentler stuff for you guys who just want to lay on the grass and stare at the clouds and think about bottlebrush trees and hummingbirds and half written letters in your bedside table drawer. it's ok.

Campus- Pt. 2

i've been
sitting on concrete steps
and reading my poetry
aloud to the leaves
and praying
for my Father
to wash us both in gold
and trying not to leave you letters in chalk
wherever i go

it's really hard