Sketchbook Work

Hello hello!

My sketchbook and I have become basically inseparable ever since my new semester started. Good friends stick together during tough times I suppose. I've been drawing every spare moment I get, and have been enjoying playing around with markers and pens. I want more Copics!!


awkward punk

more randomness

...bastille fanart...

i ruined this with that weird hand bleh don't look at it

she looks cool


it got a little splattered by the rain

i ship them^^

watercolor mermaid

doodles while talking on the phone

he's smol and innocent and wearing a flower crown aw

i'm still obsessed with dr. strange so here's a random half-finished sketch of him

he looks like an emo nerd i like him

i'm getting excited for spring and I also can't draw hands someone send help please

rad warrior girl check out that sword

anyone else been drawing lately? Comment below what's going on in your sketchbook/tablet/canvases/journal etc. 

shoutout to my friend who i gave my blog link here's some more art you owe me your art tumblr link now XD


  1. Your art skills are pure talent! Looks amazing, shows that you invest loads of time into the craft. LOOKS EPIC!

  2. So lovely, fresh and just amazing! ;)

  3. You are so good at drawing! I'm so jealous. :P
    By the way i have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, Moer details on my blog.
    xo TG

    1. Aw thank you-- I assure you it's all endless practice haha. I have very little natural drawing talent. Wow, thank you so much! I am so honored-- will go check it out :)

  4. Hey!

    I love looking through people's journals. I feel that art is a person's inner secrets, desires, talents and self. Thanks for sharing this!

    I love your stylized faces! Also, I think your typeface an calligraphic skills are really good, like on the page with the bubble writing on the left.

    I haven't visual journaled in a while, but if you'd like, you can check the last things I did here:

    What size journal do you enjoy working on? I used to work on an A3 which is quite large...but I preferred the larger space.

    1. Hey Steph! I'm glad you enjoyed my little peek into my journal-- I agree, it is so fun to see other people's work. Wow haha, I'm glad you like my typography skills, I tend to consider them not very good since my handwriting is really bad haha. But I do think that one turned out good- I actually just wrote the words with a thick pen and then outlined them haha. I would love to check out your work-- thanks for leaving me a link, I'll hop over there right now! I like working in a pretty small journal-- like 8.5' by 6' is my current one I believe. I take it everywhere so I like it nice and small, and I prefer working on smaller drawings for some reason. I do like doing some big sketches every now and again though, especially if I'm hoping to watercolor them. Thanks for the comment!

  5. this is so awesome!! you're amazing at drawing!

  6. I LOVE YOUR AWKWARD PUNK AND EMO NERD. Dr. Strange's outfit is amazing, too; I always have the worst time drawing clothes, but yours look so natural and realistic.

    Ellie \ On the Other Side of Reality

    1. THANK YOU I KNOW THEY'RE SO CUTE SMOL CUTE OCS AHH. Aw thanks that made me so happy to hear I'm glad they look good-- just lots of practice using references haha. Thanks for the lovely comment Ellie they make my day :)

  7. love, love, loooove the sketches! Especially when you decorate your pages with flowers. And I think the watercolour work on the mermaid is amazing!

    1. Wow, thank you so much Sophie!! You are too sweet aw <3

  8. you're so great at drawing people! i can barely make a stick figure look decent.

    i love these drawings :)



    1. Aw thank you- I assure you it's all practice, I'm sure you could make your drawings look much more than decent with some practice too. Glad you enjoyed <3