8 Things

1. flowers picked on the roadside
2. walking with you to the bus stop
3. watching the cars rush past beneath me
4. music that keeps my feet marching and reminds me i have places to be in this life
5. green converse
6. the staircase that's just for me
7. being alone for that ten minutes
8. it means things when all your other minutes are colored in

hey friends. what's up with you? as for me, i'm dying from homework (ap bio is literally killer help me), obsessing over bastille, and drawing during class to stay sane. keep walking guys.

--8's such a nice number. so green and firmly rooted in it's never ending path--


  1. Walks do not wear roads. You will walk forward looking, and you will not look back. Because in front of the rest of your life.

  2. Ohh! Watching cars race under you is something so fun! I walk over cars on a trip to the train every morning.

    1. Yes! I walk right over the overpass every day coming home from school.

    2. We are both doing the same thing! Haha that's a cute thought!

    3. Haha that's so nice-- I'll send you a happy thought when I walk over it now :)

  3. ahh i love this so much! this post is so peaceful and i agree about being alone for just ten minutes :)