misty Mondays and cups of February tea and that lovely smile 

hello friends. update me-- how's life in the big world? as for me, I've been doing a lot of biology homework, writing angsty poetry on my laptop, and collecting flowers to press.

I just remembered I dreamed I changed my blog format to be something really ugly...what is going on in my head haha

Twenty-Øne Piløts Concert !!



I went
to see
Twenty-Øne Piløts


Ok I'm going to try not to just like scream at you but like WOW GUYS IT WAS AHHH

So just some background if you're new here tøp is my favorite band along with Bastille (which I've now seen both live so that's rad). Usually I don't fangirl quite this much on my blog but I can't really help it for this to be honest haha.

So the show itself was phenomenal-- Tyler and Josh are my heroes and they are so awesome and nice and wonderful and make awesome awesome music. I was screaming and jumping up and down at every song basically. They're truly such an awesome band an so inspiring to so many people and I love everything they sing about and the things they stand for. There's nothing more empowering than singing the entire Car Radio rap at the top of your lungs along with Tyler and Josh. I was down in the pit, and I had such an awesome view of everything happening. I compiled some photos and videos, so enjoy those and comment below with your favorite tøp song if you're a crazy fan like me XD If you're not (((((yet go listen to them))))) tell me about any of your favorite artists you've seen live!

or link here

Also the opening acts were Judah & The Lion
and they sang Mr. Brightside which was awesome and then Jon Bellion who did All Time Low for us as well as this other song 80s Films which I had never heard before but was literally like listening to glitter? It was really good.

8 Things

1. flowers picked on the roadside
2. walking with you to the bus stop
3. watching the cars rush past beneath me
4. music that keeps my feet marching and reminds me i have places to be in this life
5. green converse
6. the staircase that's just for me
7. being alone for that ten minutes
8. it means things when all your other minutes are colored in

hey friends. what's up with you? as for me, i'm dying from homework (ap bio is literally killer help me), obsessing over bastille, and drawing during class to stay sane. keep walking guys.

--8's such a nice number. so green and firmly rooted in it's never ending path--