my breathing was quick
and then stilled
as we sat
in inky black darkness
the color of felt tipped pens and watercolor
and I set my fragile skull on your shoulder
you pressed a cheek to my fine hair
and it was innocent
we breathed in time to the shaky camera
and hauntingly still piano music
and unshed tears
we breathed
our own truths

and it ended
and credits rolled in white text on a black screen
but still we were silent
still we sat in inky darkness
still we breathed


went to see a monster calls with a friend a little while back... we were blown away. the most gorgeous movie ever. if you haven't read this book and seen this movie go read it right now then go see it it's beautiful, one of the best book to movie translations i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. truly did the story justice. ok i'll stop fangirling sorry just ahh so amazing


  1. aaaa too pretty <3 and i love love that photo :)

    ~ noor

  2. that as such a beautiful poem!
    I'll really want to see A Monster Calls!

    1. Aw thank you <3
      And yes yes yes you must see it it's beautiful ahh

  3. Love the poem and photo! I've read A Monster Calls and really enjoyed it, I hope to see the movie!

    1. Ah yay!! I'm so glad you liked the book, and yessss go see the movie. Thanks so much <3

  4. Now I really want to read this book <3