my breathing was quick
and then stilled
as we sat
in inky black darkness
the color of felt tipped pens and watercolor
and I set my fragile skull on your shoulder
you pressed a cheek to my fine hair
and it was innocent
we breathed in time to the shaky camera
and hauntingly still piano music
and unshed tears
we breathed
our own truths

and it ended
and credits rolled in white text on a black screen
but still we were silent
still we sat in inky darkness
still we breathed


went to see a monster calls with a friend a little while back... we were blown away. the most gorgeous movie ever. if you haven't read this book and seen this movie go read it right now then go see it it's beautiful, one of the best book to movie translations i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. truly did the story justice. ok i'll stop fangirling sorry just ahh so amazing

Mixtape: Trying to Remember

mixtape: noun a compilation of favorite pieces of music [or other inspiration], typically by different artists, recorded onto a cassette tape [or blog] or other medium by an individual.

trying to remember: empty fields, blurry polaroids, things you forgot you said, half-erased journal entries, old playlists, scratched CDs, wildflowers, that unmistakable scent you can't quite place, blanks canvases, her name, his name, mud footprints, scraped knees, deep breaths, closed eyes, silence


Somebody Else- the 1975
Get Home- Bastille
Why am I the One- Fun.
All Alright- Fun.
March to the Sea- Twenty-Øne Piløts
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- The Postal Service
Four Walls- Bastille
Take it Back- Nate Ruess
Overjoyed- Bastille
Truce- Twenty-Øne Piløts
Photograph- Ed Sheeran
Colors- Halsey
Intro- The xx
If I Believe You- the 1975

pinterest mood board

The History of Love- Nicole Krauss
All the Bright Places- Jennifer Niven
A Monster Calls- Patrick Ness

via Edgar Degas

via Cynthia Tedy

via Mali Fischer

Book Review: Carry On

Summary: Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell, is a fantasy, wizard-ey, magical adventure novel starring the famed Simon Snow characters from Rainbow Rowell's realistic fiction novel, Fangirl. Simon is the Chosen One, the Greatest Mage, and he has the most power any magician has ever had. Unfortunately, he's never been very good at using it. As he begins another year at Watford School of Mages, he expects things to be normal, or at least, as normal as they ever are when the Humdrum is around. But when his roommate Baz goes missing and then mysteriously reappears a few months later after Simon has been visited by Baz's mother returned as a ghost with some mysterious instructions for her missing son, he finds himself caught up in what can be inferred is a classic Simon Snow adventure, full of magic, romance, and mysteries.

Review: So I should start this review by saying that I went into this book with VERY high expectations. I'd heard awesome things about it on book tube and from book bloggers, so I was really hyped for this book. I love Rainbow Rowell and I enjoyed Fangirl quite a bit, so I was really excited (but a little nervous) about this spinoff "fan fiction".

And I have to admit, I was disappointed.

Ok please don't attack me if you loved this book I'm sorry let me explain:

So for starters it was....a fan fiction. Basically. A really well written one for sure, but still, a fan fiction. Now don't get me wrong, I think fan fiction is an awesome thing. I have read some fanfics myself and I have friends who are very into fan fiction. I'm in no way trying to say fan fiction isn't an awesome art form that many people are into. But when I pick up a book from the library, a hardbound book by an esteemed author, I expect it to have a little more quality, a little more substance, than the average fan fiction. And this book just...didn't. I was essentially just a really really well done fan fiction. If this was a review of fan fiction then I would've given it five stars no sweat. But seeing that this was an actual published book, I had to go a little harder on it.

The characters themselves were very flat. Although I loved Baz and Simon, almost all the female characters in this story (especially Agatha) were just...not everything they could've been. And even Baz and Simon had pretty much one-track minds without many grey areas in their thinking, which I find add so much dimension and intrigue to a character. I wish Rowell would've built their characters a little stronger. Moreover, the plot of this book was incredibly predictable. I liked the Humdrum concept, but I foresaw it way earlier than I should've. I'm a big fan of really complex plots, so for me the lack of interesting plot sort of ruined the book for me. This is a specific Vivian quirk though, so I think that readers who enjoy more basic plots could've found this book very enjoyable.

The whole idea of the story itself was very much a Harry Potter knockoff. All the characters and the settings were essentially mirror images of the Harry Potter universe. I don't know, I for one feel like one Harry Potter is enough Harry Potter, I didn't really need this random, single novel other one. It just felt unoriginal and like, wow, I'm reading this again? But with new names? Weird.

As for Baz and Simon's relationship I have mixed feelings. Let's start with the bad-- TOO MUCH KISSING. Honestly, all they did was make out for like three chapters. It became excessive for sure. Not to mention they jumped from sworn enemies to boyfriends in like three sentences tops. It was impressive to say the least. I would've enjoyed seeing the relationship have been built up more intentionally, to give it a firmer grounding as well as make it more interesting and realistic overall.

But the good; I'm sorry but Baz and Simon are freaking adorable. I ship it so hard to be honest. If I'm speaking from my fangirl side (not my scholarly literary nut side) BAZ IS SO AMAZING I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. So yeah, he's rad. I mean, come on, he's a VAMPIRE. It's too good to not like. I found him a more likable Draco. I certainly enjoyed reading about Baz wayyyy more then I ever enjoyed reading about Draco.

Sort of leading off of that, this book was overall...cute. I don't really know how else to describe it. The story and the spells and the settings were all super cute. It was a warm, fuzzy, cozy book to read for sure. Like, the Insidious Humdrum? I cannot think of a more cute name for a villain. It's adorable and makes me want to read this book while wearing bunny slippers and drinking tea or something.

So overall I have mixed feelings about this book. I went into it expecting something and got something totally different, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Was this book predictable and a bit redundant? Yes. Was it a cute, warm, fuzzy book that made me want to draw Baz fan art? Also yes. So I suppose you'll have to read this book and decide whether you love this style of writing or not. For me, personally, it was probably my least favorite Rainbow Rowell book so far. But that's just my opinion.

What did you think of Carry On? Did you love it like most readers? Do you disagree with everything I just said? Do you ship Baz and Simon as much as I do (like a lot a lot)? Comment below!

Sketchbook Work

Hey friends!

Ok first off

wow it's been two weeks since I posted

and that's embarrassing because I literally just wrote a post about how one of my New Years goals is to be more consistent posting


I always dislike it when bloggers take long hiatuses and then say "sorry it's been so long guys"


sorry it's been so long guys

anyways yeah school is super annoying right now-- finals are next week and I've overall been a ball of stress so I haven't had time to compile a quality blog post in the last two weeks. Forgive me.


I do have a sketchbook post for you guys (finally). There's a ton of work since it's been forever, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy. Miss you guys-- good luck on finals for those of you who are also spending your time hunched over study guides. Don't forget to take time to art!


cute soft space nerd OC I love him


trying to figure out how to work Copic markers haha

Luira-- another RP OC

watercolor mess

this looks so like aesthetic but in my mind while I was doing it it was like cute smol emo rip me




this one got all smudgy but I love the concept

...Panic! lyrics...


Chiara Bautista spread-- she is so amazing go check out her art she's so awesome I love her

more collage


cute elf

collage 2 page spread

I don't even know what style I was going for here and why on earth is that eye way up there


i hike
to the peak of a mountain
tips tinted rose-gold in the sun
my bare toes scratched by the loose pieces of granite
i stand at the edge
so i can see the curvature of the earth
its surface rounded
i watch as it spins through starry-eyed space
a blue and green marble
i open my lips and let out a silent cry
for what i don't know
my fingers uncurl to reveal three wilted dandelions
nestled in my calloused palm
i watch as the wind sweeps them into her arms
their cheerful yellow petals floating in open air
and they drifted down until i could no longer see them
and on my palm i paint a childish flower
my finger a pen dipped in blood-ink from my tongue
and i pressed this painting against the sky
stamped its cerulean surface crimson
dead skin was buried in the sand
my lips brush my wrist
and i remind myself
of all i have left to do on this marble
spinning through starry-eyed space


i apologize for the random picture it has nothing to do with the poem but hey you guys like my figure drawing haha?

2017 Look-Forward


So to kickoff 2017 I thought I'd sort of lay out some goals for this blog and such. So here's just a little list of general things I'm hoping to do more of this year. I would also love to just get some general feedback, so if you could please comment below with your favorite type of post to read on DDNT that would be so helpful. Thanks guys :)

-Post more art!! Where the heck did my sketchbook posts go? I recently noticed I haven't posted a sketchbook post in forever! And it's not for lack of drawing, because I've been super productive and have finished an entire sketchbook since my last post! I need to catch up on that.

-Mixtapes. My mixtapes were a lot of fun to compile and you readers seemed to enjoy them. I have a whole bunch of themes I'd like to do, so I need to spend some time working on those.

-Book Reviews. I've fallen way behind on book reviews-- I used to do one for every book I read but now it's one for every five books I read--oops. I need to get back into the habit of cranking those out as soon as I finish a book.

-Do Sketchbox Reviews again. I did these last year, and since I have a subscription again I think it would be fun to do those again. I was thinking I could actually use the materials during the month and then at the end of the month do a review on the box and all the things in it and talk about how I used them in actual art? We'll see if I'm able to do that, as sometimes I have more time to mess around with art supplies and sometimes I just have to stick to basics because of lack of adequate time to learn new techniques.

-POETRY. When does this blog not need more poetry? When does anything not need more poetry to be honest?

-Write more short stories. You all seem to enjoy my mini stories, and I really enjoy writing them. I think I could do a lot more.

So that's what I have, at least for now. I feel that I have quite a few Life posts already, so I probably will be keeping that amount pretty constant. Hopefully I will be able to execute more of these posts, maybe I should start actually planning things out and come up with a posting schedule haha. But anyways, Happy New Year everyone, please comment below with your suggestions! I look forward to spending 2017 together :)