Blogmas Day 4: 3 Gift Guides

So for day four of Blogmas I thought it might be fun to do some gift guides. I'm going to do one for an artist, one for a bookworm, and one for that one very aesthetic friend you have and it's just like how can I buy this person something that will meet their aesthetic standards (you know the one). So let's dive right in!

The Artist
-Stabilo pens
-A Copic marker in their favorite color (they're expensive--your artist friend will understand if you can only afford one or two, don't worry. It's the quality that matters)
-A small travel sketchbook
-A gift card to the local art store
-Washi tapes
-soft drawing pencils
-gel pens

The Bookworm
-books (duh)
-gift card to local book store  (again duh)
-bookmarks-- it could be fun to do handmade ones
-mugs (because who doesn't like a nice tea and read day)
-fuzzy socks
-one of those personal library kits (ok not going to lie I've always wanted one of those so yeah please get that for me thankssss)
-a special edition or illustrated copy of one of their favorites
-offer to take them to go see the movie adaptation of -(insert book here)- when it comes out
-a nerdy book T-shirt (because like those are the best, yes I have literary T-shirts, yes they are my favorite things ever)

The Aesthete
-a polaroid camera
-buttons or patches with unique sayings
-a Kånken backpack
-some unique laces for their Dr. Martens (if they have them)
-baseball caps with fun embroidery
-literally anything space related
-a fancy notebook
-records of their favorite albums (if they have a record player-- or if you are feeling extra generous or looking for a bigger gift then you could throw that in too)


  1. OOOOOO I LIKE THESE! I like how you broke it down by the type of person! Well done!! BLOGMAS! YASSS

  2. I LOVE THESE GIFT IDEAS!!! They are so cute, very inexpensive and very practical. I feel like I'm kinda all of them, so I think I might send this to my friend to give her some ideas lol

    x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

    1. Haha yes! I am all of them also to be honest haha. I'm glad you enjoyed them <3

  3. I kid you not I looked through this gift guide as I was shopping;)