Blogmas Day 11: For Unto Us a Child Is Born

I sit
Under a kaleidoscope of Christmas lights
With warm mugs of cocoa and bright socks
And I wonder
What was it like?
That first Christmas
I think back,
I read through fragile, thin pages,
The words strong enough to stand the test of time
I write poetry
To better understand
'For unto us a child is born'
I bow my head
And see her
A donkey?
Her belly swollen with the light it carries
"There is no room in the guest room."
It can't be easy
Contractions and blood are not glamorous
Her body laboring to bring God into the world
She can't have been much older than me
How was she so brave?
And he,
Standing strong, tall
Was he there in the moment?
Or was he ushered out with other men?
I can't know
But when He was born, he listened
He loved and he sacrificed
He trusted
In a baby
In a King
My hands clasp
I am a shepherd
With dirty feet and tangled hair
Just trying to watch over my flock
My mind wild with it
And the angels they sing to me
Too bright for my eyes
"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."
Even me?
We travel
To see small hands and small feet
And fall to our knees
This is the King
The star glows above us, a holy eye
'For Unto us a Child is Born.'

Luke 2
Isaiah 9:6


Happy Christmas Eve friends! 


  1. This is beautiful! ♥ I love it so much... I can can't even.... you are so talented!
    Would you mind if I made an edit with this? I would give you credit of course! :)

    1. Aw thank you thank you so much you are too sweet- I appreciate your comments so much <3. And of course! Go for it-- can't wait to see it, I love collaborative art :)

  2. This is so beautiful! hope you've had a Merry Christmas!!