The Character Karaoke Tag

Hey guys! Ellie nominated me for this tag! Thanks Ellie! I'm going to be focusing on my contemporary for this one, which focuses on two teens: Emmanuel and Athena. I don't yet have a title-- working on that.

What song best describes the mood of your novel?
This one was really hard to choose, but I think "Let Your Troubles Roll By" by Carbon Leaf is the mood I'm looking for. This novel has a lot of reflections of things that I've experienced in my life, and during that time I listened to this song a lot, and I think it really leaked into the book a lot and into the souls of the characters.

Pick a Character and A Song to Describe Them
For this one I'm going to Emmanuel-- my artsy protagonist. For him I think that the song I would choose is Addict with a Pen by Twenty One Pilots. Emmanuel has a really friendly outward appearance and has convinced pretty much everyone, including himself, that he's ok. But really he's hurting from stuff that happened to him in the past and has locked it all away deep inside his heart. He's also searching for answers and reasons, whether he realizes or not. I feel like this song really describes how Emmanuel truly feels.

One of your characters at karaoke night when- gasp!- they've been asked to get up and sing! What song do they choose and how do they perform it?
First of all, if Athena was asked to sing Karaoke she would NOT be into it. She would probably freak out and shake her head and Emmanuel would have to drag her onto the stage. But once she got over it, I'm pretty sure she would choose Fight Song. Although Athena wouldn't usually listen to such mainstream music, Fight Song is definitely an Athena song for something like karaoke.

Go-To Song When Writing Battle Scenes
Unfortunately, in this particular story there are not any battle scenes (it's frankly a huge drawback to consider if you are thinking of writing contemporary). But when I do write battle scenes I listen to something with a lot of instruments and tension. Lately I have been into listening to the Dr. Strange soundtrack at like all times of the day, so I would probably say one of those. Maybe Smote and Mirrors or Astral Doom, if you want the specific tracks.

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  1. Wow, this was so fun to read! I love reading about other people's writing/novels!
    Also, I just love the names of your characters, Athena, and Emmanuel, they are really cool and unique sounding! The characters themselves sound interesting, too. And, I definitely need to listen to the Doctor Strange soundtrack, I watched the movie about a week ago, and I really liked the music and cinematography :-)
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

    1. Thank you so much! I love choosing interesting names for my characters, I'm glad you liked them :) And yes-- Dr. Strange was such a good film! Definitely listen to the soundtrack. Thanks for the sweet comment <3