A Little Description

So if you know me you know I LOVE description-heavy writing. It is truly the best -I can read pages of it and not get bored, and I can write even more. I usually try to hold back so as not to bore readers with copious amounts of details (even though I love them) but I decided to let myself go an experiment a little for this post. I'm also reading The Grapes of Wrath (so much amazing description I love it) so I wanted to try something in a little bit of Steinbeck style I guess? So here you have a very well-described house (it's Emmanuel's house in case you are wondering). Enjoy!

On the top of a slight slope in a dusty yet comfortable little neighborhood there stood a small house. It had been probably painted white originally, but the dust and dirt of years past had coated it until it became a dusky beige color. It's walls listed to the sides slightly, as if weary from years of hard work supporting the red shingled roof in the heat. The sun beat down on it with no trees in sight to shade it, and the plants on the small wooden porch cringed away from it's glaring gaze. It's screen door hung on rusted, squeaky hinges, and a large hole gaped from the bottom left corner. A worn, cheerful pink welcome matt was placed carefully on the doorstep, proclaiming a single word: Welcome!" The windows of the house were placed two to a side, and were consistently open. If you were listening as you walked by, you would often hear music floating out through those windows and onto the quiet streets beyond. Different tunes from different windows: piano from the left, pop on the right, punk in the middle, and Disney Soundtracks from the far right. The vastly different sounds mixed and melded together in the still, dry air to create something rather eclectic. To an onlooker you might consider it a mess, and that can't be denied, but it was a cheerful mess. A homey mess. It was home.

I didn't include a photo because I didn't want to mar your imagery that would (hopefully) go on in your head (if I was successful).


  1. This was beautiful!!! Love it!!

  2. Descriptions? Oh yes, yes yes....

    Also, I fell in love with a song and it came from Bastille <3

    1. YES DESCRIPTIONS YES BASTILLE!!! Glad you enjoyed both :) Also, out of curiosity, which song did you fall in love with? Thanks for the sweet comment <3

    2. The song was called 'Things We Lost in The Fire', but I also love 'Good Greif' and (of course) 'Pompeii'.

    3. I love Things We Lost in the Fire! It's definitely one of my favorites. I'm ok with Good Grief, but I love Pompeii. But I mean, I love everything Bastille does so XD.