Blogtember: Current obsessions

Hey readers! Today I am participating in Noor's Blogtember prompt list. I was hoping to do more of these but school attacked me so this is the first one I've gotten around to. So here are some of my current obsessions:

Bastille's new album Wild World. I am so so so excited about this album! It is so good and I love all the sounds as well as the lyrics. I have been looking forward to this album for so long and I'm so stoked it finally came out (I'm also going to a Bastille concert in October guys I'm so excited I'm freaking out!!)

The word aesthetic. I think I overuse this word. A lot. Sorry.

Pinterest Mood Boards. So I've been going a little overboard with my mood boards lately-- they are just so fun to create!

My hydroflask. My hydroflask constantly saves my life after a particularly brutal cross country workout. It's ability to keep water cold is a true gift from heaven.

The Grapes of Wrath. I'm reading this book right now and it's so good- I love all the description and symbolism, I can't get enough of it. Plus it's really making me think, and I love books that do that.

My Dr. Martens. Whenever I wear my docs I feel so confident. I love them.

Washi Tape. I've been really enjoying using washi tape in my sketchbook recently- I think it adds an interesting design element and makes the composition that much more dynamic.

The Thrift Store. I recently decided to try and buy the majority of my clothing from the thrift store- not only to save money but also to help the environment. I LOVE all my clothes I buy from there, and I enjoy having such a unique wardrobe.

A Little Description

So if you know me you know I LOVE description-heavy writing. It is truly the best -I can read pages of it and not get bored, and I can write even more. I usually try to hold back so as not to bore readers with copious amounts of details (even though I love them) but I decided to let myself go an experiment a little for this post. I'm also reading The Grapes of Wrath (so much amazing description I love it) so I wanted to try something in a little bit of Steinbeck style I guess? So here you have a very well-described house (it's Emmanuel's house in case you are wondering). Enjoy!

On the top of a slight slope in a dusty yet comfortable little neighborhood there stood a small house. It had been probably painted white originally, but the dust and dirt of years past had coated it until it became a dusky beige color. It's walls listed to the sides slightly, as if weary from years of hard work supporting the red shingled roof in the heat. The sun beat down on it with no trees in sight to shade it, and the plants on the small wooden porch cringed away from it's glaring gaze. It's screen door hung on rusted, squeaky hinges, and a large hole gaped from the bottom left corner. A worn, cheerful pink welcome matt was placed carefully on the doorstep, proclaiming a single word: Welcome!" The windows of the house were placed two to a side, and were consistently open. If you were listening as you walked by, you would often hear music floating out through those windows and onto the quiet streets beyond. Different tunes from different windows: piano from the left, pop on the right, punk in the middle, and Disney Soundtracks from the far right. The vastly different sounds mixed and melded together in the still, dry air to create something rather eclectic. To an onlooker you might consider it a mess, and that can't be denied, but it was a cheerful mess. A homey mess. It was home.

I didn't include a photo because I didn't want to mar your imagery that would (hopefully) go on in your head (if I was successful).

Sketchbook Work

So it turns out I've been doing really well as far as producing a large quantity of sketchbook work goes (what is the opposite of artist's block?). I have done SO MUCH, I would say I do a full page or so a day so I have a lot of work that turned out good enough to post. Enjoy!

skater girl drawing collage

mermaid (because what is a sketchbook post without at least one mermaid I mean)

my back to school aesthetic (haha)

Celeana/ Aelin (because fan art happens don't deny it)


cabbage patch girl


cute girl sketch

rainbow backgrounds are too fun to resist

maybe OCs?

scraped knees

some gorgeous flowers my dad surprised me with <3

Wisteria Writers Tag

A tag post! Yay!! I am so excited to participate in this! I was tagged by Vanessa and Mic-- go check them out both are amazing.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Write ten questions of your own
4. Nominate ten other people for the tag!

Mic's Questions:

1. What is the name and what does she/he look like of your favored character? My favorite character I've ever written as of now is Emmanuel who is this artsy kid who plays a lot of video games. He's blond with blue eyes and not that tall, and wears T-shirts, jeans, and beat up Vans all the time. 

2. What would you describe your writing style as? I think my writing style is fairly descriptive, but I can't really describe it haha, this is hard question.

3. How much writing do you complete in a week? I have no idea to be honest- it depends on how busy I am and how inspired I guess.

4. Plotting...on a note card, in a notebook, or in your brain? I plot in a notebook.

5. What does your book couple's wedding look like? Oh my gosh haha this is too funny. Ok I feel like it would be on a mountain with the sun setting in the background, and they would time it perfectly so that they would kiss just as the sun sunk below the horizon. And yes that's cheesy but I'm sorry it's accurate.
6. Ever sketch your characters? Care to share? Um haha yes I do quite a bit actually. Here's one that's super cutesy but oh well it's the best one I have of my current WIP (I did it a while ago so of course I think it's awful but oh well)
7. When did you start to write? As soon as I learned I think. The oldest stuff I have is from second grade, when I was writing stories about leprechauns and dinosaurs.
8. What inspired you? Apparently leprechauns and dinosaurs.
9. What still inspires you? Other books, you writer-y bloggers, and my friend who writes with me.
10. And finally, what would your published book look like, inside and out? Ahh it depends which book it is- the contemporary one I'm working on now (with the above characters) would probably attempt to be very aesthetic and simple, and I'd be very persnickety about the font. My fantasy one that I'm plotting for Nano (screams because it's so soon help) would be the opposite- super busy with over the top fonts and an epic cover.

Vanessa's Questions: 

1. If you could have any writing power what would it be? To be able to think of valid plot twists haha.
2. How do you plot your books? In a journal, I just sort of brainstorm in one giant melting pot then try to sort it out. I do this more for fantasy plots- for contemporaries I just think up a million scenes in my head and then string them together as I'm writing (which is a bad strategy because eventually you run out of scenes and then you're screwed)
3. What is the most frustrating thing that has happened to you while writing? One time I worked really hard on a piece that I submitted into a writing contest and I didn't win and I was pretty disappointed (shallow I know but I spent SO much time on that thing)
4. What's your favorite thing to snack to have while writing? Gosh, I don't usually eat while writing to be honest, but I suppose it would be like crackers or carrots or something.
5. Which word would you say you write too often? I think I write silence and turned too often- I seem to have a lot of scenes where the characters sit in silence (AND NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE I'msorrythatwasyeahsorryihadto) and turn around or face something else if that makes sense?
6. Where do you get your writing inspiration? see above question :)
7. Longest amount of time you have written for? I guess I've written for the entire day a few times.
8. Most loved blog post? Of mine? I really love all my blog posts with poetry- First Day being my favorite right now because it's new and I don't hate it yet.
9. Tips for new book writers? haha I sort of consider myself a fairly new book writer (since I've never been published or anything) but I guess my advice to my peers is to not stress the first draft, and just throw everything you can think of into it and not edit it later.
10. Favorite season to write about? I think summer. You don't have to write about school in summer so that's fun.

My Questions:
1. Where do you like to write?
2. Favorite character you've written?
3. Do you give your characters ship names?
4. Favorite writing blogs?
5. Where do you get your writing inspiration?
6. Do you make Pinterest boards for your stories/characters?
7. Have you done NanoWrimo?
8. Do you listen to music while you write? What music?
9. Do you have a writing buddy or group that you share your progress with, or do you work mainly alone?
10. What do you do when you have the sudden inconvenient urge to write in a random place with no writing materials close to you?

I tag (even though you may have already done it I'm sorry): Ellie, Noor, Evelyn, and YOU


Weekend by the Sea

Hello amazing readers!

I am just finishing up my three day weekend, which I spent staying at a small house right by the beach with my aunt, uncle, cousins, sisters, parents, and grandparents. It was such a fun experience, and I had a lovely time relaxing on the sand and hanging out with my family. I thought a little photo-book might be fun, so enjoy, and let me know in the comments what you did for your three day weekend (if you live in a place where they had a three day weekend recently, if not feel free to share a vacation you recently went on).

the view from the back balcony

watercolor painting

did this painting of the view

flying a kite

bike ride-- that's my sister

we rented a little boat

more harbor

green on green

Mixtape: Red Hightops

I think we all need a little mixtape right now ;)

mixtape: noun a compilation of favorite pieces of music [or other inspiration], typically by different artists, recorded onto a cassette tape [or blog] or other medium by an individual.

red hightops: tangled shoelaces, ripped paper, doodles in margins, graffiti on bathroom stalls, slightly emo, late nights, bouncing feet, growing up, earbuds, don't talk to me, always hungry, just trying to be myself, lonely, crowded, music that's a little too loud


Harlem - New Politics
I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
Bird with a Broken Wing - Owl City
Me Too - Meghan Trainor
Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots
Tear in my Heart- Twenty One Pilots
Backseat Driver - Toby Mac
I Write Sins not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
We Come Running - Youngblood Hawke
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Immortals - Fall out Boy
Sadie Hawkins Dance - Relient K

pinterest mood board

I'll Give You the Sun - Jandry Nelson
Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Jason and Marcellini - Jerry Spinelli
Chronicles of Nick - Sherrilyn Kenyon

via unknown 

via unknown

via Chiara Bautista