Looking Back: Summer

It's very bittersweet for me, watching this summer come to an end. To be honest, I didn't really do much, if you are thinking big trips or plans. I guess I just enjoyed living day to day. Embracing that feeling of not being sure what day of the week it is and not quite caring. I have to say though, the amount of nothing on my schedule really allowed me to do a lot of things I needed to do, not just to check them off, but to get a chance to enjoy them. Here's a little list and some photo highlights to close this summer off on a sweet, albeit melancholy, note <3

what I did:
visited my grandparents
watched One Upon a Time with my sister
DREW SO MUCH--finished my art journal and started a new one
read some Rainbow Rowell and Sarah J. Maas
volunteered (a lot)
wrote 100 pages!!!!!!!
texted my friend
wrote to my Pen Pal
saw a shooting star
talked about deep stuff with my small group
listened to Stand by You by Rachel Platten and a lot of Twenty-One Pilots
snuggled my pups
enjoyed California sunshine
jammed in the car
I DROVE A CAR GUYS-- got my permit :)
had my friends from NY come to visit
cleaned out my room
rode my bike to the beach

I had so much fun sharing my summer with all of you <3


  1. awhh your dog is so cute!! Btw where did you get your sketchbook from?

    1. Aw thanks! I got it from Michaels-- it used to have a little photo of a tree on the cover but I pulled it off and replaced it with the binoculars haha :)

  2. Your pups are so cute! I also love the painting of the giant tea pot!

    1. Thank you! I'm painting that for my grandma-- it has been turning out very good, I'm glad you like it :)

  3. Ah, yes, summer is slipping away so fast. This part of the summer is always incredibly bittersweet.

    And is that bubble soccer I see? I've been wanting to try that for forever--it looks like so much fun!

    Ella Simply Scribbles

    1. YES that is bubble soccer haha! My youth group did it-- it was a lot of fun but very tiring and hot-- I was so sweaty afterwords! Thanks for the comment <3

  4. This looks like so much fun! I miss summer already. :'(

    1. Same-- I miss it too. Thanks for your comment :)

  5. SO much fun! My summer looked about the same. Minus the permit thing... I'm having to wait another year for that.

    Great post, and ADORABLE DOG!! ♥


    1. That's awesome that we had similar summers-- it has been fun hasn't it? And that's exciting that you get your permit next year! And thanks- -he is too cute <3

  6. THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! I like the teapot!!!!