First Day

I whisper gently to the morning beginning outside my window
what have you in store for me today?
the mist doesn't reply
I pull on brand new green sneakers
still uncomfortably clean
a navy blue backpack
who knows where I'm going
I kiss my red front door on the way out with the tips of my fingers
see ya
so many kids
all so different
I find myself back in plastic desk chairs
how did I end up here again?
I shrug
decide to enjoy the ride
I like my sharp yellow pencils
with pink erasers
and that green thing around the end that nobody knows the name of
graph paper also makes me happy
and a little distracted
I create a checkerboard in the boxes
people say I walk funny
I don't really mind
as long as I go places
it heats up too fast- summer is still here even if everyone wants to ignore it
I miss you
I still remember you
she kisses me on the cheek
and blazes down my back as I run
thanks girl
a fire burns on the horizon
turning the sky to ash
I still try to breath deeply
even though it hurts my throat
on the other side of the sky puffy clouds wave to me lazily
lucky you, still on vacation
I wave back
people ask who I'm waving to
why should I tell you
but I'm not that sassy
I wear my first day of school outfit on the second day
to make up for the blue shirt
that tells people where I am
talk to me!
They walk on by
I smile anyways
because why not
Hey school
can't say I missed you
but I guess it's good to see you


how was your first day of school? miss summer already? same. but I like planners and paper stuff so I'm ok XD


  1. I loved this! You have such a way with words. I definitely miss summer already. My first day was better than I expected, but still- school's school. XD

    1. Same haha. School is school. But it can be fun. I'm glad you enjoy my writing- all your supportive comments really mean so much <3

  2. ah i don't want to think about school starting just yet! i love the way that you included colour (red-navy blue-green) in the first bit of this poem. good stuff! keep it up, vivian!

    1. Thank you!! I love colors :) You are the sweetest <3

  3. Kissing the door with your fingertips. I love that description love love loveeee.

  4. I tagged you ;) Mic's Room (

  5. This is very cool :)
    You could incorporate this into your sketchbooks and create a visual version of this poem! It would look very aesthetic. I also find it quite weird how you start school so early - I don't officially start until September 6th :P

    - Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

    1. What!! Lucky girl! I wish. And I love that idea- I did do a little bit of a back to school aesthetic collage-y thing that I will post as soon as I get around to doing another sketchbook post (because school is making me way to busy why) but I feel like I could do something even more with this like you said. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thought it aesthetic (my goal in life has become to be aesthetic help XD). Thanks girl!