is it just me or is the word fiesta so much more fun to say than the english version, party?
I don't know I just really love the word fiesta.

 confetti eggs, electric guitar, and churros.
and a friend to enjoy it with

remembering history with a city-wide party
or a fiesta


  1. I love the word fiesta. Ahhh this looks like such a fun time!!

  2. You are right! The word fiesta is really fun to say!! Side note, I feel you are such a mystery blogger... I don't think I have seen your face... Or have I? I love it but I wonder haha *Goes through your blog and looks*

    1. Haha- you're right! I am somewhat of a mystery, as I never publish my face. Privacy reasons really, although I am often tempted because I have tons of great selfies XD Maybe I will do a face reveal (I feel like that's so dramatic) someday haha. I believe I have done a self portrait though... if that helps. Anyways thanks V!

  3. These photos are amazing - love the lighting and the confetti! Just found your blog and your posts are great!

    Katie //