Series Review: Daughter Of Smoke and Bone

SUMMARY: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor is a fantasy/ slightly dystopian novel about a teenager named Karou. Karou appears normal- she attends art school, has a nasty ex-boyfriend, and a sassy best friend named Zuzana. But Karou's life is far from normal. Nobody believes her, but she has been raised by monsters. Friendly monsters, who give her wishes and have raised her. In return, she does missions for them, collecting teeth. But one day the portal to Brimstone's wish shop is shut closed, and Karou has to figure out not only how to get her friends back, but also her past. And when she meets a handsome angel named Akiva whom she can't help but fall in love with, things get complicated.


Although this series had good spots, it often frustrated or flat out confused me. Although I liked Karou all rights as a character, I felt she was often touchy and overthought things. Her moodiness and inability to get the job done made her frustrating to read, especially in the second book. Her description, on the other hand, was completely epic, with blue hair, the ability to fly, and hamasa tattoos on her hands.

Akiva, although a nice character individually, created too much drama. It was incredibly annoying to read Karou's and his desperate love scenes, and I found them completely pathetic since they had no basis of friendship whatsoever. I don't understand why people who are in love in YA fiction can't be friends, just desperate for eachtoher. In the third book I got really fed up with the longing to get a minute alone that was a large part of the plot. Also, there was way to much reminiscing back to 'the nights in the requiem grove' which continued on and on throughout the books.

Karou and Akiva's pathetic love story was somewhat made up for by Zuzana and Mik's. Honestly, I loved these characters, and I found myself often reading the book just to read about them. I even bought the mini book about them and I have to say it was at least as good as the entire series put together. Zuzana was so dynamic, and she was so much less static than Karou. Mike was sweet and gentle and also MUCH more complex than Akiva.

Another couple favorite characters- Ziri and Liraz. Ziri's sense of sacrifice and observing how he responded to the challenge of being Thiago was intense and heartbreaking for the reader. Liraz was probably my favorite character in the book, as she had so much depth and emotion that I felt most able to connect with her. Unfortunately I felt Ziri was presented as a bit of an afterthought, since he wasn't mentioned at all until the second book and then seemed to come with endless backstory which had never been mentioned.

I guess I wish that they had gotten rid of the two protagonists and replaced them with the minor characters.

As for the plot, it was decent. The first book was a little strung out with the whole trying to figure out where she was from and all that. I like the second book's plot the best I think, but the third book made me clench my teeth a little. I'm always a little hesitant about books that try to mix something fantastic with the current day world, and it stresses me out a little because it's very hard to do and still make it logical. This book actually didn't do as bad as I thought it would which was good.

So this series was OK. I wouldn't say it was my favorite thing ever, but it was an easy read. If you like a lot of cliche YA angel demon stuff, I would recommend it.

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  1. I read daughter of smoke of bone. You're right, the thing about YA is that relationships are written in such a way that it feels quite burdensome to read sometimes. I used to think it was just me- that maybe I just didn't like some aspects of the characters or maybe the whole fling itself was just something I couldn't really stomach (or maybe, YA isn't for me xD) so it's really nice to read about someone else who thought the same thing :D

    1. I completely agree Catalina Blue- a lot (but not all) of YA love stories are really just flat out boring because of their lack of dimension. It's not just you I promise- I definitely feel the same. I honestly much prefer genuine love stories with real complicated people than these desperate love stories and flawless photoshopped scenes. It sort of take the magic out, in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed my review- thanks for your comment!

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure what I think. I'm not a huge angel/demon fan, but if I see this book I might pick it up. Really nice review!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm not a super big angel demon fan either, but my friend (who is) really loved it and wanted me to read it. It's worth picking up I think- the worlds are super cool and I was really inspired to draw a bunch of chimera. I thought that the actual characters were very unique as far as angel demon characters go. Thanks for the comment!