Questions from Poppy and Mop!

Hey readers! I am excited to share with all of you a collab post I did with Poppy and Mop! We interviewed each other about some of our blogging techniques and aspects. Below are my answers to their questions. Check out their blog to see their answers to my questions!

1. What is the thing that you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy the community of people. It is so fun to have a group of people who love all the same things as you, and share about their passions. Bloggers are the best!
2. How do you plan your content?
I honestly don't really pan anything. I just sort of get an idea and then I make a draft for it, and then when I get around to it I write it.
3. What is one thing you have learnt since you started blogging?
Always make the photos as large as you can, a solid background looks the best, how to work Canva and make custom images.
4. How did you grow your blog?
TBC really helps me expand my audience- I try to check out all of the new TBC bloggers and drop them comments if I like their content. They often comment back, and we both make a friend :)
5. Why do you blog?
I blog because it is such a good forum to express myself, and I feel like it is a great place to share my passions with lots of wonderful diverse people who enjoy similar things.

Thanks for reading, and thank you so much Poppy and Mop for working with me, I had a great time!


  1. It's great to see how TBC helps people out, it makes me feel really warm and fuzzy about our little blogging community!

    1. TBC is awesome! It is such a huge help to bloggers :) I wouldn't be where I am without it!

  2. I've currently joined TBC, they are great help :)

    1. I know! So helpful! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Awesome collab! Yes, TBC is pretty awesome. :)
    ~ Suzy | Craftz'n'Craziness, Lookin' Good Designs