Book Review: The Sky Is Everywhere


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is a young adult realistic fiction book about a girl named Lennon who writes poetry wherever she goes. After the death of her sister, she feels like nothing will ever have bright edges anymore, and that the sun and sky have disappeared. But then she meets Joe Fountainne, a band boy with a smile that reminds her that there is light even in dark places. Although everything seems to be working out for Lennon, nobody knows about the confusing secret she's hiding from everyone, even herself.


I picked this book up after I finished Nelson's other book, I'll Give You the Sun. This book is just as magically written as the other one, and was captivating and exciting and emotionally heartfelt. I was disappointed, though, that the main plot was the love story, because I wasn't really expecting this book to be a romance novel. But overall the whimsical characters and nearly musical plot line swept me away and I forgot my qualms.

Let's start with the characters. Lennie is funny, relatable, and innocently sweet with her almost gentle approach to life and addiction to Wuthering Heights. I find her poetry such a neat part of the book, and I loved how Joe picked them all up and saved them. Joe himself is bright, cheerful, kind, and I love how he has a million other brothers. He's also funny, and his heartfelt promises were sweet and nice to read. I liked how devoted he was to her, and how he took the relationship seriously. Gram and Uncle Big are hilarious, and I liked reading about Lennie's mismatched family full of rosebuds and sickly Lennie-plants. Toby is...confusing. Honestly, the whole relationship between Toby and Lennie is weird to me. They don't really even like each other, and I found that subplot strange.

The rollercoaster of Lennie and Joe Fountaine's love story was fun...until he caught her kissing Toby. Honestly, why even bother with Toby when she's already in love with Joe? This was the part for me when it turned less magical and more cliche YA book. I wish there had been a better conflict. But, I was happy when Lennie slipped him her poem and they worked things out. Also, I loved the use of music throughout this book. It was everywhere, and I found it so endearing and also very relatable (because who doesn't love music?).

But overall, this book was easy to read and even easier to connect with. Lennie's goofy family, her innocent love for Joe, her laughable schemes to convince him she loves him, all of it was a joy to read and, although at times annoying, a good read as well. I would recommend this book to those who enjoyed Nelson's other book, or anyone looking for a more innocent (which I think is better) romance-y musical-y novel.

What did you think of The Sky is Everywhere? Did you find it magical? Comment below!

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