Let's Move Outside


maybe we should move outside
and sleep under lazy tree branches
and listen to the sh sh sh as the gently wind tousles their leaves
we would never wear shoes again
to better feel the earth as it breaths
so softly
beneath our toes
we could remember the days when we thought ourselves not the lords of the earth
but a part of it
a small piece in a bigger whole
we could weave flower crowns and bracelets for each other
and when they wilted it would be a reminder of our comfortable lack of control
and the continuous cycle we would no longer resist in futility
we could let go
and run, full speed, to the waters edge
we would not pause,
dip a toe in,
check for crocodiles
we would run
and we would fly,
sailing into the future
we would laugh as we flung off dirty, stiff, uncomfortable clothes of doubt and fear
and shiver with glee at the chill of the cold water
listen, can you hear it?
you'd whisper in my ear
I'd whisper back
and our ears would strain as we listened to the harmony of birdsong mixed with the sound of spinning celestial orbs
we could race each other
over the hot, dusty desert
the dust would coat our tongues
we would be speechless
yet content
we could drink
from a spring
and never be thirsty again
and later,
once our breathing was in sink with the sigh of the still night air
you could hook your fingers around mine
and we would float
to the clouds
and dance with the fire flies
in the summer sun
among tall green grasses and soft pink flowers
I would catch butterflies
with my finger
never a net
and you would skip purple and blue pebbles
over a puddle
when it rained we would not run for shelter
but jump from our high cliffs down into the meadows and dance
and the lightning
would crackle through our hair
but we would not flinch
we would scream and sing and harmonize with the thunder
and revel in the immensity
of the sky we lived under
and then
when the storm had died
and the mist was thick and still
we'd grip hands tightly
and exhale together
and sun would shine down,
clearing the fog
I'd lay
next to you
arms and legs akimbo
gold light like powder on my face
and watch
the sun and moon
chase each other across the sky
and I'd say
let's move outside
and we'd remember
that outside
is really where we began anyways
and we'll wonder
we ever left



  1. My dad and I once talked about why humans are so drawn to nature and why there is always a calming element. We agreed that it is because the outdoors is our home, hardwired into who we are. What you wrote reminded me of this.

    1. So true Vanessa! I sort of got that idea as I was writing the poem as well- it is interesting how we have tried so hard to resist nature yet we are still so drawn to it. Thanks for your comment <3

  2. So beautiful, Vivian. You are wise beyond your years. ❤️