Faeries and Watercolor- Sketchbook

Sketchbook Post! I have lately been very inspired by a combination of whimsical pen drawings, pressed flowers, nature, the chimera of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series, and watercolor landscapes (plus succulents. Always succulents). Enjoy this sketchbook post :)

credit to my friend Megan for the idea- she had done a bunch of circle paintings and I tried to give one a try- I thought it turned out pretty neat

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law spread

some of you bloggers have been getting into watercolor lettering- I attempted it with some more watercolor circles-- I guess it's ok for a first try XD

 willow and eucalyptus


So I was thinking about how, since it is the end of May, it is right around the time when I started-ish this blog last year. I say started-ish because I technically began this blog way back in fifth grade or so, when it was called The Doodle World blog and all I posted were google searched images of ice cream and flowers and stuff (it's ok you can laugh, it's really funny now that I look back on it). But it was only last May that I got it back out again, spent like two weeks editing the template and messing with the layouts, and relaunched it as Moon Dust with my First Post, a thoroughly exciting kick-off that featured four sentences and a single photo of a bag I'd taken the day before at a local art store. I realize now it might've been smarter to launch my blog with a Get to Know Me or Goals for This Blog post but hey, apparently I thought tote bags of deconstructed artists were gripping first post material (actually I still really like that bag I need to find it and buy it).

Eventually I realized Day-Dreamer, Night-Thinker was a way cooler and more interesting name than Moon Dust (like.. what?), and found TBC. And that's when I began to meet all of you lovely people. My first comments and follows were some of the best days of my blogging career so far, I remember being so proud to reach ten followers. Now, at 42, I feel so accomplished and thankful for all your support in getting me there.

There are so so many people who have been present in this exciting blogging adventure that if I thanked each and every one of you individually it would probably be so long you would stop reading before I got to your name. I want to give a shoutout to Vanessa and Zelus for being some of my very first blogging friends, you guys are honestly the best, and I am so blessed to have you <3. Every blog I follow has been a huge inspiration to me, and so I want to thank all you bloggers who are essentially fueling my passion for blogging with your amazing posts. All the people at TBC who are running that awesome site, you guys are THE BEST and deserve so much more credit than you get. Also, every comment I have ever received has warmed my heart, and I would like to thank each and every person who has left a comment on my blog for putting a smile on my face. All my readers and followers, you guys are the best, and I'm so glad that you enjoy my content. You are the people that reassure me that my art and poetry and all the things I post have a spot in the bigger world. The people I am just getting to know all the way to the people whom I have known since the very beginning; I sincerely thank each and every one of you for encouraging me and inspiring me. And if this is the first post of mine you've ever read, I want to thank you too. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL YOU AWESOME PEOPLE

And so, as a Blogiversary gift to all you you from me, I will conclude this post with some adorable pictures of my dog Sterling to warm your day. Thank you all so very much, you make my life brighter.

Let's Move Outside


maybe we should move outside
and sleep under lazy tree branches
and listen to the sh sh sh as the gently wind tousles their leaves
we would never wear shoes again
to better feel the earth as it breaths
so softly
beneath our toes
we could remember the days when we thought ourselves not the lords of the earth
but a part of it
a small piece in a bigger whole
we could weave flower crowns and bracelets for each other
and when they wilted it would be a reminder of our comfortable lack of control
and the continuous cycle we would no longer resist in futility
we could let go
and run, full speed, to the waters edge
we would not pause,
dip a toe in,
check for crocodiles
we would run
and we would fly,
sailing into the future
we would laugh as we flung off dirty, stiff, uncomfortable clothes of doubt and fear
and shiver with glee at the chill of the cold water
listen, can you hear it?
you'd whisper in my ear
I'd whisper back
and our ears would strain as we listened to the harmony of birdsong mixed with the sound of spinning celestial orbs
we could race each other
over the hot, dusty desert
the dust would coat our tongues
we would be speechless
yet content
we could drink
from a spring
and never be thirsty again
and later,
once our breathing was in sink with the sigh of the still night air
you could hook your fingers around mine
and we would float
to the clouds
and dance with the fire flies
in the summer sun
among tall green grasses and soft pink flowers
I would catch butterflies
with my finger
never a net
and you would skip purple and blue pebbles
over a puddle
when it rained we would not run for shelter
but jump from our high cliffs down into the meadows and dance
and the lightning
would crackle through our hair
but we would not flinch
we would scream and sing and harmonize with the thunder
and revel in the immensity
of the sky we lived under
and then
when the storm had died
and the mist was thick and still
we'd grip hands tightly
and exhale together
and sun would shine down,
clearing the fog
I'd lay
next to you
arms and legs akimbo
gold light like powder on my face
and watch
the sun and moon
chase each other across the sky
and I'd say
let's move outside
and we'd remember
that outside
is really where we began anyways
and we'll wonder
we ever left


Gesture Drawing

A little while back my art class took a day to practice figure or gesture drawing. Gesture drawing is one of my favorite parts of art class, and I was disappointed that we didn't get more time to work on it. But I feel that my sketches turned out well, and thought it might be fun to share them here on my blog. Take a look!

Garden News: First Cucumbers!

So, my garden (which was afore mentioned in my post In the Garden) has been doing extremely well,  and is growing very happily. I am so proud of all my plants (I know I'm crazy but I love them). Anyways, my cucumbers especially have been flowering and growing like crazy, and yesterday I picked my first three organic, homegrown, local as it gets cucumbers of the 2016 spring season! Yay! The first harvest is always so exciting, and I am excited to share it with you! Check out the photos, and let me know how your garden- wether its pots, fields, indoor, outdoor, boxes, or window boxes- is doing.

Book Review: The Sky Is Everywhere


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is a young adult realistic fiction book about a girl named Lennon who writes poetry wherever she goes. After the death of her sister, she feels like nothing will ever have bright edges anymore, and that the sun and sky have disappeared. But then she meets Joe Fountainne, a band boy with a smile that reminds her that there is light even in dark places. Although everything seems to be working out for Lennon, nobody knows about the confusing secret she's hiding from everyone, even herself.


I picked this book up after I finished Nelson's other book, I'll Give You the Sun. This book is just as magically written as the other one, and was captivating and exciting and emotionally heartfelt. I was disappointed, though, that the main plot was the love story, because I wasn't really expecting this book to be a romance novel. But overall the whimsical characters and nearly musical plot line swept me away and I forgot my qualms.

Let's start with the characters. Lennie is funny, relatable, and innocently sweet with her almost gentle approach to life and addiction to Wuthering Heights. I find her poetry such a neat part of the book, and I loved how Joe picked them all up and saved them. Joe himself is bright, cheerful, kind, and I love how he has a million other brothers. He's also funny, and his heartfelt promises were sweet and nice to read. I liked how devoted he was to her, and how he took the relationship seriously. Gram and Uncle Big are hilarious, and I liked reading about Lennie's mismatched family full of rosebuds and sickly Lennie-plants. Toby is...confusing. Honestly, the whole relationship between Toby and Lennie is weird to me. They don't really even like each other, and I found that subplot strange.

The rollercoaster of Lennie and Joe Fountaine's love story was fun...until he caught her kissing Toby. Honestly, why even bother with Toby when she's already in love with Joe? This was the part for me when it turned less magical and more cliche YA book. I wish there had been a better conflict. But, I was happy when Lennie slipped him her poem and they worked things out. Also, I loved the use of music throughout this book. It was everywhere, and I found it so endearing and also very relatable (because who doesn't love music?).

But overall, this book was easy to read and even easier to connect with. Lennie's goofy family, her innocent love for Joe, her laughable schemes to convince him she loves him, all of it was a joy to read and, although at times annoying, a good read as well. I would recommend this book to those who enjoyed Nelson's other book, or anyone looking for a more innocent (which I think is better) romance-y musical-y novel.

What did you think of The Sky is Everywhere? Did you find it magical? Comment below!

What's In My Bag?

Hello readers! Today I have prepared a What's In My Bag Post. I don't know why, but I always love reading other people's bag posts, and so I thought hey, why not do one myself? So this is a little inventory of my backpack, which I carry everywhere, and these are all my necessities.

Here is my backpack, I think is is so adorable and I love the color and everything about it. Not to mention it is super comfortable and a good size.

And here are the contents! Whew! Let's take it one thing at a time :)

First we have my wallet and earbuds, pretty self explanatory I think.

This is my emergency pack I suppose you could call it. I liked to be prepared. It contains: A pad, three bandaids, a small sewing kit, a mirror, a swiss army knife, a wet towlett, a compass, a flashlight, hand warmers, sea sickness bracelets, sunscreen, and, of course, the bag.

My Polaroid, for shooting instants on the go.

This bag has three stacked pockets, and I hold different things in each one.

The first pocket is miscellaneous pens and pencils.

The second pocket is all my beautiful colored pens that I LOVE

And the third is just a bunch of tools I guess.

And finally, my pencil box (or sketchbox as I call it because of the sticker) It is really just a tin that used to hold calligraphy tools.

It has a whole bunch of Prisma colors, a bookmark, some pens, a sharpener, a rubber band, and eraser, and another tape.

And then, of course, my two books- my sketchbook and my reading book.

And that's my backpack! I hope you enjoyed this tour and it gave you some ideas for what to carry with you. What do you keep in your bag? Comment below!