along cliffs I walk

when I walk
through lush fields
that have
been made green
by rain
I think more than I should
I think
of things gone by
of myself
of others
and I wonder
what it means
me walking here
just now
I stand on cliffs
and stare down
at the waves
against the wet sand
of the shore
I feel that
I may be
a wave
rolling in and out
with the tide
like breath
we are all waves
going in and out
the day
comes in with the sun
and goes out with the sun
our world
it spins
but we go in
and then we go out
waves we are
on the edge of a cliff
we don't understand
eternal cycles
stuck we are
walking along a cliff
we call time
but when we look down
at the waves
we see
the infinity
we have missed
I look back
at growing grass
and I wonder
when it falls again back to the earth
that grew it
where I will be
when I walk
along cliffs
I think
of things
to hard
for me
to understand
things like eternity
and waves
and the meaning behind growing grass
along cliffs I walk
and I can't help but look down


  1. This is so pretty! Your really good at writing and those photos are gorgeous :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And the shots were amazing too. :)
    By the way, I nominated you for the Quote of the Day Challenge. :)
    ~ Suzy

  3. Such amazing words and photography! <3

    Allie D.

  4. Soul-filled words... thanks for sharing beauty with us...

    1. My pleasure. I love that phrase- soul-filled words, I might have to steal that from you :)

  5. Amazing! I loved the photos! <3

  6. Its been a while since I have been on your blog, I miss it! I've been so bust and its good to catch up with a person by reading their stories. Your blog seems to be going quite well, congrats!

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! It means so much to hear that you enjoy my blog :)

  7. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award! If you wanna find out more, head over to my blog.
    Sara |