Wanderlust- Entry for Teenage Blogger Central Contest

wanderlust (n): A strong desire to travel.

"when we are in the act of wandering, we need to be present, not watching it through the lens" -theodore finch

"you're off to great places! today is your day! your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!" 
-dr. suess

the pull of the globe calls you
the unseen places
the unmet people
untasted foods
lusting after the experience of not being totally safe
a little out of comfort zones and carefully drawn circles
surrounded by new people
new breath
you wander through the forests
the eye openers
the oceans
you wonder what is the meaning behind so many license plates
the words they spell
for you know they do indeed spell stories

you can only feel totally vulnerable in that wonderful way
when there's nothing to protect you
you immerse yourself in the other
the other than comfort
and that's where you find your space
wandering is much like art-
it should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed
you choose

coffee and hot chocolate from different sides of the globe, or perhaps different sides of town stains your notebooks
where you chart your carefully unplanned travels
with a graphite pencil and a watercolor paint brush
leaves and pebbles and shells
stuffed in pockets
glued to pages
you leave something behind in return
a thought
a movement
a promise
a whisper to the cold air surrounding you

trees and campfires are home to the wanderer
they don't judge by location or comfort
the entire earth is worth every second
the busy streets and cheerful hubbub of cozy cafes and different languages cover you like a blanket
understanding is another luxury
that you don't need
you can revel in curiosity
and unanswered questions
this beautiful planet is your true home
and you love her
for she cares for you
teaches you
and she beckons you to the unheard of places
the dangerous
the complex
and mysterious
step on the ledge
she whispers
live it like you mean it

you whisper back
I am afraid
she replies
do not be afraid, for as long as there is sun in your hair and flowers at your feet
you are safe
for if the sparrows are given what they need,
then you will surely be given yours as well
by the one who made you
who made me
who made this
be pleased that you can walk his earth
you are blessed
so don't ignore it

the planet dreams
and you breath with it
up and down
a single, solitary, relaxed motion
for even the earth must sleep

a backpack carries
your postage stamps and watercolors
only what you must have to live can wander
you are given the gift of lightness
and freedom from want
the creeping, vicious woman want is
is forced to disappear when you decide to ignore her

your hiking boots
or sandals
or maybe bare feet
touch places
that in turn touch you
an impression forever engraved in your chest
for all the notebooks in the world can't record the moment like your mind can
the stamp of where you've been
your hand is an empty passport
so go
fill it up
be free and wander
give in to the whim
the will
the why
give in to curiosity
push fears away
roam the earth as she was made to be roamed
walk the road less traveled with your sand-dusted heels
sing a song unsung with a dry tongue and smiling lips
tell new tales with a worn out ink pen and an only slightly crumpled notebook

be free
get lost


an original art piece also by vivian, to accompany the poem and to be accompanied by the poem


  1. That poem is beautiful, Vivian!

    1. Thank you so much! I had an awesome time writing it :)

  2. You are such an amazing writer! :)

    Allie D.

    1. aww, thanks :) it was so fun to write
      p.s. wow you have a lot of blogs! :)