Sketchbox Number Two!

I just got my January Sketchbox in the mail, with a few new things to try that I have absolutely no idea how to use, haha. I'm really excited about the chance to learn new materials that Sketchbox has presented me with, and I'm stoked about the materials. So here they are!

Here's what it looked like this time.

Here's what it looked like when I opened it

I got these neat watercolor stick things- pretty cool.

Here's what they look like

Here are the papers it came with (descriptions of what each thing is, and the artist's bio)

Here's the featured artist for this month- so neat

I got these super cute art "trading cards" they are really samples of really nice watercolor paper, and I'm excited to do a trading card!

Here's this neat water brush-pen thing that allows you to control exactly how much water gets on your paper when blending, which is super nice.

So that's what I got for the January Sketchbox- all pretty neat stuff that I'm very excited to use!


  1. This is really really neat! I wish there was similar packages for music or football (soccer) or calligraphy which are my main interests...
    Have fun with your Sketchboxes, I'm really keen to see what you're going to do with it!

    1. Thanks! I will for sure try to post some artwork I do with them! I bet if there aren't boxes for those things now then there will be soon- they seem to be popping up all over haha!