Day 4-Ten Things to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four mocking birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Need some holiday cheer? Try these ten tried-and-true ways to get yourself in the Christmas mood :)

1. Christmas carols!! Of course! Crank the volume and sing along. My favorite stations on Apple Radio are Christmas Piano (for when I'm studying), Holiday Hits, Christmas Classics, and the playlist Holiday Pop Hits.

2. Christmas crafts will spice up any boring day. Scissors, paper, tinsel, make a mess and have some fun.

3. Slippers, cozy socks, pajamas, cocoa or tea, and a great book. Play some light christmas piano music in the background.

4. Bake Christmas cookies! Check out Nadia's Blog for a yummy looking recipe.

5. Write some Christmas cards! It's so special to tell everyone how thankful you've been for them all year. Check out my homemade Christmas Card post here if you are thinking of making your own.

6. Christmas shopping is so fun to do! Ask your friends/siblings to accompany you on a bargain gift quest.

7. Plan a cozy Christmas part with a couple of friends. Make yummy treats and exchange secret santa gifts or cookies or ornaments or whatever.

8. Do some Christmas doodles. Post on that coming soon from me! Pinterest also has lots of ideas.

9. Write a Christmas short story. Here's your dialogue prompt; "The snow fell in soft flakes that brushed her cheeks, leaving them red and rosy." Bonus if you actually do write a story (or paragraph, or sentence) using that prompt and post it- leave me a comment and I will check it out (of course).

10. Christmas movies! Yay! Blankets and cocoa and candy canes and a classic, snuggled up with friends and family is always so much fun.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! How do you recommend getting into the Christmas Spirit? Leave your ideas down below!