2015 Look-Back

It's New Year's Eve, and what better way to appreciate the year that's about to pass then to do a look-back? So here are my favorites from 2015, and at the end, a nice little year in pictures photo album. Enjoy, and comment your favorites below!

-Inside Out
-Freaky Friday (it was the first time I've seen it and I died)
-Alexander's Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day

-The Night Circus
-All the Falling Kingdoms books
-The Martian

-Fight Song
-Blank Space
-Why am I the One


-Ice skating in my brand new skates
-Finding out I got accepted into the art mentorship
-Getting my first comment (and every other one after)
-Christmas Morning
-Laughing so hard with my friends on my birthday
-The day school let out for summer
-Being told I was one of the best CITs at the camp I worked at over the summer
-Swimming in the ocean the day the water was crystal clear (I have no idea why it was so clear)
-Being in Mexico
-Getting my second puppy- Sterling I love you <3

-The beach

-My cozy grey sweatshirt
-My converse (all of them)
-My NASA t-shirt
-my Birkenstocks (they were awesome during the summer, I wore them almost every day)

-writing in my journal

-The Sound of Music
-The Laramie Project
-Crazy for You

Art Supplies
-Micron Pens
-Mini Canvases
-Winsor & Newton Oil Paints

-Chaucers (its a bookshop)
-Forever 21 (only online- I really don't like the loud music in that store haha)

Magazine Reads
-National Geographic
-Ellery Queen

Video Games
-sim city
-Rayman origins

My Year In Photos- The Highlights

(the small fluffy white ball? Yeah, that's my dog before we got him)

Watercolor Postcards

I received some adorable blank postcards with a V on them for a secret santa gift. When I opened them, I discovered that they were watercolor paper, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to customize them. I used Pinterest for inspiration, and then did an assortment of fruits and vegetables on each one. Then I used a micron pen to outline. They turned out super cute!

Inspiration- all credit goes to these artists