My Sketchbox!!!

I am so excited because I got my first sketchbox in the mail!! I don't know if I mentioned way back in the birthday post that my parent got me a subscription to sketchbox, but if I didn't than I am now, and my December one finally came!! How sketchbox works is that it sends you some new art supplies every month, with a sponsored artist and an example piece of their work, and a description of the things included. And every moth, the contents are a surprise, so you get exposed to new art supplies you never would've bought at the store. It is such a cool gift idea, and the holidays are coming up, so here is there website here if you have a someone in mind or if you want to put it on your list.

the box

the contents

chameleon pens- these are so cool-- they allow you to have more than one shade with one marker!!

a beautiful calligraphy pen

Windsor and and Newton Pigment Markers- AHHH!


  1. This whole idea is so cool! Enjoy your amazing pens, I'd love to see what you do with them!

    1. Thanks Z!! I will most definitely be posting work with them soon, so stay tuned! :)