My Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday, and it was such a special day. I got to see my grandparents for lunch and spend tim with my family and go out with my friends to dinner. Overall it was a truly wonderfully dreamy day, and I was so happy and thankful that I got to experience it. I took some photos of some of the gifts I received and places I went to. Enjoy!

I got a hydro-flask! Every cross country runner's dream- it keeps your water cold all day!

This beautiful quill- I am going to learn calligraphy, which will be a project since my handwriting is..well.. let's just say that back in elementary school that was where I got 2s on my report card, and it definitely hasn't improved with the rapid-fire notes I have to take these days. But I'm ready to learn! (And you will see posts about that)

This adorable journal and the letter writing booklet were gifts from my parents- the booklet it super cool, you write letters to your future self in them and open them later. I got gift cards to Michael's (squeal!) from my grandma and my cousins and aunt and uncle. The paint brush is from one of my sisters and the amazing hand-made bookmark is from the other- she beaded the tassels in really pretty blue glass beads.

Two new art books- one on calligraphy and the other is the third Dreamscapes book which I have wanted for a long time- sorry for the poor lighting.

We went to a little french pastry shop for lunch with my grandparents. They have delicious food there- the macaroons are exquisite. I tried the hazelnut one.

For dinner I took my friends to my favorite type of food- SUSHI!!!!! I went to a restaurant where you sit on the floor and all the food is so delicious and beautifully prepared. We ordered these sushi boats- and we were so stuffed when we finished!

This is some sort of deep-fried green tea ice cream which sounds funny but is SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!

My friend got me this sweet cup- it has a wonderful quote about stars and friendship on it, it was a very thoughtful gift.

PRISMA COLORS!!!! AHHHH!!! My grandparents gave me such a big set of them, I was so surprised! I had never seen so many colored pencils in my whole life! They are so beautiful.

My friend gave me this hardbound sketchbook and these fine tipped pens which look so fun to use- I will definitely be posting artwork done with these.

Look at this adorable card- my favorite!

My friend made me this beautifully whimsical wrapping paper- it says happy birthday Vivian in a bunch of different languages! I can only read the English and the Spanish ones, comment if you can read any others!

Two words- art socks! All my dreams have come true. These socks with famous art pieces are my favorite thing right now. (In case you didn't know yet I have quite a thing for frivolous socks)

My friend gave me this dress- it may be the prettiest thing I have seen myself in since I went to homecoming. It is beautiful- I need to get that girl to go shopping with me, she has such good taste!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday Vivian!!! It looks like you had lots and lots of fun, many happy returns of the day!