My Art (and everything else) Desk

This is a post I have been wanting to do for a while, which is: A TOUR OF MY ART and everything else DESK!!! This desk is probably my favorite part of my room, I am so proud of all my supplies and how organized it is, and I'm excited to share it with you! I hope you get plenty of inspiration for your own desks!
* Credits for the design and furnishing of my room go to my wonderful, talented sister Geneva at A Touch of Sparkle, please check out her blog it is very beautiful. 
So there's my desk, with the adorable accessory of my dog Sterling. 

There's the actual desktop of my desk. You can see that I have my computer plugged in (I use bread clips as handy little cord holders). I set it on a little pad thing that I felted myself. My sketchbook is there, along with my inspiration for the moth, which I tape to the desk. I like to pull and inspiring photo from an old calendar or magazine to inspire my art for each month.
My pencils and erasers all fit in this caddy that is in the side of the desk.

All of my more office supplies type things- pencils, pens, scissors, sharpener, chalk, all that stuff.

These shelves hold my brushes and markers and my watercolor pencils, pens, calligraphy materials, and my tiny sketchbook.

The shelf under the desk holds coloring books, paper, and a few canvases.

One of the drawers holds all of my stationary and cards and stamps and whatnot.

The other holds important papers and my projects in progress.

The first shelf above my desk holds all of my paints and oil painting materials, gesso, turpenoid, latex gloves, pallets, salt, stuff like that.

The area under my shelf has my oil paint pallet guide taped to the wall. The space above it is going to be for all of my sketchbox artists- you can see the first one is already up.

On the highest shelf I keep all of my old sketchbooks and drawings, as well as my Prismacolor pencils. If you have any ideas on how to store these then please leave me a comment, I have yet to find a solution that is both efficient and easily accessible. 

This shelf I count as a sort of extension to my desk, since it holds the rest of my creative supplies.

All of my fabric.

Art books and sewing books.


My embroidery floss and my soap making stuff.

This bin is full of knick-knacks that may someday be used in a project.

My sewing machine and cutting board, as well as a whiteboard sit on the top of the shelf.

Inside my sewing machine box I keep my sewing kit, which houses all of my sewing materials. Underneath the machine box is a box full of stuffing.

And that is my Art and everything else Desk! I hope you enjoyed this tour and that you found it helpful! If you are thinking of reorganizing, I highly recommend reading this book: The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo. This book will change your life, and has definitely changed mine. It's a quick read but it will make a lasting impact. Check it out, even if you don't think you need it.


  1. Ooh your art space is so neat and clean. You've inspired me to not only clean out my desk, but to pick up sewing again, thank you :)


    1. That's awesome Noor! It makes me so excited that I've inspired you. If you happen to do a post on your desk, be sure to let me know! I can't wait to see it! :)