5 Must-Have Apps for Thinkers

Although I try not to use my phone excessively, I must admit that there are lots of seriously fun and/or helpful apps in the world of the App Store. And I have a few that I think should just be pre-downloaded onto your device. So here's a post of my top 5 favorite apps that I have on my phone (or you can get them on your iPad or Kindle Fire or whatever). If you do download, let me know what you think them in the comments!

1. A Year of Riddles-
 This is one I love. I'm kind of addicted to riddles, and this app gives you a riddle to solve for every day of the year! And if you go through all those, then there are four more years you can download. It costs a little money, but I think it's totally worth it. I have a goal to do a riddle a day, and complete the entire years worth in a year. So far so good! And it's really great for my brain- I'm practically a riddle master! :)

2. Pinterest-
Pinterest is great! It's inspiring, it's creative, it's organizes. I find it an awesome way to store inspiration. I pin art, quotes, writing tips and prompts, and so much more. It's an awesome app for any type of creative. 

3. Bejeweled-
Ok, this one technically isn't a utilitarian app, but it is so fun!! It has a bunch of fun game options, my personal favorite is butterflies. My record is 171. I recommend this app, but be warned, it's addictive!

4. Aviary-
A free photo editor! What more do you need? It's so simple to upload your photos into it and mess around with them. I use this all the time to make my photos more vibrant, but quickly, and without downloading a fancy photo editor. 

5. Quizzitive-
If you're a vocab nut like I am, then you need this app. It is essentially vocabulary quizzes, where you can learn new words and sharpen your skills. This app is such a nerdy indulgence, it sort of cracks me up. Yes I take vocabulary tests in my free time, don't you? I can't help it, I love words!

6. Quizlet-
This app is so helpful for school. I have aced every Spanish test because of this app. It is really simple, you enter the term, then the definition, and then you can choose different ways to study. This app is great, especially for language classes or vocabulary. If you need help studying, this is a game-changer. 


  1. Hey,
    I think I'm not really a good thinker. :) I've only had two of These apps but maybe for the others exist also alternatives. Today no one of this apps is on my Smartphone. Don't ask me why, but after Bejeweled I was so avid to this game that I've taken it into the Smartphone rubbish.
    Nevertheless I think that the apps are great ideas, maybe I'll try the one or the other

    1. Thanks for the comment Lea! I agree that there are probably alternatives to these apps. And I think you are a great thinker, just so you know ;). and the only way to get better is to keep thinking!! I appreciate the comment, thanks so much!