My Art (and everything else) Desk

This is a post I have been wanting to do for a while, which is: A TOUR OF MY ART and everything else DESK!!! This desk is probably my favorite part of my room, I am so proud of all my supplies and how organized it is, and I'm excited to share it with you! I hope you get plenty of inspiration for your own desks!
* Credits for the design and furnishing of my room go to my wonderful, talented sister Geneva at A Touch of Sparkle, please check out her blog it is very beautiful. 
So there's my desk, with the adorable accessory of my dog Sterling. 

There's the actual desktop of my desk. You can see that I have my computer plugged in (I use bread clips as handy little cord holders). I set it on a little pad thing that I felted myself. My sketchbook is there, along with my inspiration for the moth, which I tape to the desk. I like to pull and inspiring photo from an old calendar or magazine to inspire my art for each month.
My pencils and erasers all fit in this caddy that is in the side of the desk.

All of my more office supplies type things- pencils, pens, scissors, sharpener, chalk, all that stuff.

These shelves hold my brushes and markers and my watercolor pencils, pens, calligraphy materials, and my tiny sketchbook.

The shelf under the desk holds coloring books, paper, and a few canvases.

One of the drawers holds all of my stationary and cards and stamps and whatnot.

The other holds important papers and my projects in progress.

The first shelf above my desk holds all of my paints and oil painting materials, gesso, turpenoid, latex gloves, pallets, salt, stuff like that.

The area under my shelf has my oil paint pallet guide taped to the wall. The space above it is going to be for all of my sketchbox artists- you can see the first one is already up.

On the highest shelf I keep all of my old sketchbooks and drawings, as well as my Prismacolor pencils. If you have any ideas on how to store these then please leave me a comment, I have yet to find a solution that is both efficient and easily accessible. 

This shelf I count as a sort of extension to my desk, since it holds the rest of my creative supplies.

All of my fabric.

Art books and sewing books.


My embroidery floss and my soap making stuff.

This bin is full of knick-knacks that may someday be used in a project.

My sewing machine and cutting board, as well as a whiteboard sit on the top of the shelf.

Inside my sewing machine box I keep my sewing kit, which houses all of my sewing materials. Underneath the machine box is a box full of stuffing.

And that is my Art and everything else Desk! I hope you enjoyed this tour and that you found it helpful! If you are thinking of reorganizing, I highly recommend reading this book: The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo. This book will change your life, and has definitely changed mine. It's a quick read but it will make a lasting impact. Check it out, even if you don't think you need it.

Six Word Story Contest

I am so excited to participate in the six word story contest from Elly's blog! If you want to participate, click on her blog name to check it out.

Here is the photo I chose and my entry:

"Terrifying perspective only drew her closer."

Artwork and Sketches

I realized how long it's been since I have posted some work. So today I have for you A LOT of sketchbook work. Please enjoy! The ones with color are all done with my beautiful prismacolors that I am madly in love with.
*All drawings with the star are inspired by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and her books. All credits go to her.
-For some of them I also used her rough sketches in the books for the outline, but the coloring and detailing is my own. Those are not starred

This is what practicing with fountain pens looks like.

Doodling in class

Smudgy pencil sketch*

Sketched face- rather boring if you ask me

Because sometimes you have to practice drawing feet- sigh.

Mushroom sprite *


Water Sprite

Messanger for the fae court


Sleeping- check out how bright those Prismas are!

My Sketchbox!!!

I am so excited because I got my first sketchbox in the mail!! I don't know if I mentioned way back in the birthday post that my parent got me a subscription to sketchbox, but if I didn't than I am now, and my December one finally came!! How sketchbox works is that it sends you some new art supplies every month, with a sponsored artist and an example piece of their work, and a description of the things included. And every moth, the contents are a surprise, so you get exposed to new art supplies you never would've bought at the store. It is such a cool gift idea, and the holidays are coming up, so here is there website here if you have a someone in mind or if you want to put it on your list.

the box

the contents

chameleon pens- these are so cool-- they allow you to have more than one shade with one marker!!

a beautiful calligraphy pen

Windsor and and Newton Pigment Markers- AHHH!

The Hedgehog

My cousins (actually second cousins I guess) have a pet hedgehog at their house. And it is so cute!! We go to their house for Thanksgiving and that's how I got to see it. I'd never seen a hedgehog in real life before, and it was just to good of a post to miss. Look at her! Her name is Annabelle :)

Thanksgiving Tea

This Thanksgiving I did the normal feasting and whatnot, but my grandmother had an interesting idea for the time we spent with her. Instead of dessert (which is what we usually do) she decided to host a Thanksgiving tea party. My grandma has been collecting china for a long time now, and has so much out of this one beautiful set. So she got it out and my sisters and I came over and helped prepare a healthy, delicious, elegant tea breakfast. We had pumpkin tea, pull-aparts, caprese salad on toothpicks, breakfast sandwiches, a dutch baby, scones, and pumpkin and cinnamon tea. It was so delicious, and a fun idea for an alternative to the classic Thanksgiving (which we ate later with the other side of my family....mmm...). Enjoy the photos!

5 Must-Have Apps for Thinkers

Although I try not to use my phone excessively, I must admit that there are lots of seriously fun and/or helpful apps in the world of the App Store. And I have a few that I think should just be pre-downloaded onto your device. So here's a post of my top 5 favorite apps that I have on my phone (or you can get them on your iPad or Kindle Fire or whatever). If you do download, let me know what you think them in the comments!

1. A Year of Riddles-
 This is one I love. I'm kind of addicted to riddles, and this app gives you a riddle to solve for every day of the year! And if you go through all those, then there are four more years you can download. It costs a little money, but I think it's totally worth it. I have a goal to do a riddle a day, and complete the entire years worth in a year. So far so good! And it's really great for my brain- I'm practically a riddle master! :)

2. Pinterest-
Pinterest is great! It's inspiring, it's creative, it's organizes. I find it an awesome way to store inspiration. I pin art, quotes, writing tips and prompts, and so much more. It's an awesome app for any type of creative. 

3. Bejeweled-
Ok, this one technically isn't a utilitarian app, but it is so fun!! It has a bunch of fun game options, my personal favorite is butterflies. My record is 171. I recommend this app, but be warned, it's addictive!

4. Aviary-
A free photo editor! What more do you need? It's so simple to upload your photos into it and mess around with them. I use this all the time to make my photos more vibrant, but quickly, and without downloading a fancy photo editor. 

5. Quizzitive-
If you're a vocab nut like I am, then you need this app. It is essentially vocabulary quizzes, where you can learn new words and sharpen your skills. This app is such a nerdy indulgence, it sort of cracks me up. Yes I take vocabulary tests in my free time, don't you? I can't help it, I love words!

6. Quizlet-
This app is so helpful for school. I have aced every Spanish test because of this app. It is really simple, you enter the term, then the definition, and then you can choose different ways to study. This app is great, especially for language classes or vocabulary. If you need help studying, this is a game-changer.