You Ever Just Need to Write?

You ever have one of those days where you wake up super early so you can get to a study session at 7, take a chemistry test in first period and rub your forehead in stress the entire time because you're  pretty much sure your failing it, haul your million pound backpack and other assorted junk to second and sit there in utter boredom because you ALREADY FIGURED THIS OUT WHY ARE WE GOING OVER IT AGAIN? So you finally escape to lunch and then you get a little chance to smile and relax and you even laugh a little because you have friends and they're funny and plus one of them lets you borrow his book that he's reading and it's super hysterical. But then the bell rings all too soon and you're off to math which might be nice because the kids sitting around you are cool except for the fact that you have to learn actual math and the classroom is sweltering hot because they didn't think ventilation was necessary even though we've been in a sever drought and it hits 90 like every day. So your teacher tries to save you from heatstroke because she's nice like that by buying a ton of little fans to put around the classroom, but despite all that effort your legs still stick to your chair. And then the bell rings and you get a nice walk down the shady hall and a high five, but then you have to go struggle with your locker which has a stubborn little lock that is most definitely probably defective because you have to have a serious struggle yanking and pulling on it every time you want to get it open and kids walk by and ask if you need help and you're just like, thanks for being so nice and you're all great but honestly I promise I'll get it eventually my lock just has a problem. So you finally open it and then rush to the locker room because the bell has already rung while you and the lock were having your miniature battle. And believe it or not it was swim day for the PE kids which was probably fun for them but not so fun for you because you have to tip-toe your bare feet on the watery, dirty, floor while you change into your gym clothes. And the locker room's steamy and crowded and the bathroom line is too long and the sink water practically burns your hands off because there must not be a temperature valve or whatever in there. Then you get out on the track for cross country practice and believe it or not they make you run. Luckily you aren't too against it today. Plus you get to run with your friend and that's always fun. But it's a pre-meet and those suck. But you somehow make it out alive, and manage to actually get out before the rest of the school is let out instead of an hour later, which is nice. You have a slightly less intense fight with your locker, then get to rest in the shade until your mom comes to get you, but she keeps driving because she doesn't see you so you have to run with your stiff, sore cross country legs and all your bags to catch up to her. But the car has air conditioning and Ed Sheehan's Thinking out Loud is on the radio so you think you might make it after all. You get home and there are pumpkin cheerios waiting for you, which turn out to be not as good as they sound but who cares. After some trail mix and cheese you decide it's time to do some well deserved reading and devote at least an hour to sitting curled up on the couch reading The Martian which is epic. But your sister insists on watching Cinderella for the third time this week on the TV so it's a little hard to concentrate. Luckily you have perfected the art of retreating into the book entirely and becoming unaware of the world, so you make do. You would read longer but you figure it might be smart not to mention sanitary to take a shower so you do, even though it seems like an overly daunting task. When you're clean you remember a cool blogger left a comment on your blog yesterday so you decide to check and see if she wrote back to your reply. Sure enough she did, and you scroll around and do some email and check your grades, and then stare at a blank post for a while. And you realize how much you need to write. To just let it all out and WRITE because it feels so good and your head is bursting with randomness you haven't been able to say all day. And since your teachers had mercy on you and actually didn't try to murder you with homework you actually have some time to do it. So you open up a blank post and just write, and this is what comes out. And you're a little anxious the whole time because you know you have to go to a team dinner tonight for the upcoming oh so terrible just kill me now cross country race that you've been trying not to think about, but you write anyway. Even though you have to perch awkwardly on the armrest of your chair because your stool broke and your desk is to tall for it's replacement, you write. I had one of those days today. And boy does it feel nice to write. I don't know if I'll publish this. I don't know if I'll even read it again. But if I do actually post it, then maybe you'll get something meaningful from it. I'm not sure what. But I have no better way to conclude this post. So yeah- good job if you even got this far. I hope you can remember to write or do whatever it is you do that helps you process. And I hope you remember to make time for those things, because I believe that they are just as important as school or work or whatever. Because you are important, and your interests help make you you. So I guess the point I'm trying to make is, do you ever just need to write?


  1. YES! I love how you gave this scenario which probably almost everyone can relate to (except me cause I don't actually go to school) and I can feel the frustration of the character.

    yes, I feel the need to write. All the time. I'll be in the car on the way to piano lesson and I have the itch to blog about a certain topic I felt strongly about, and it only came to me then. I need to write, when I'm studying for my Chinese test, when I'm eating dinner, when I'm playing piano.

    1. Same. Sometimes it is always there, sort of hanging about 'till I get a chance to do it. And sometimes it creeps up and springs on me, and I sort of drop everything and am like, HANG ON I FEEL A STORY COMING ON LOOK OUT SOMEONE GET ME MY GOOGLE DOCS ACCOUNT OR AT LEAST A JOURNAL!!!! :)