Though the Dreamcatcher

I hung a dreamcatcher on my door
Blue ribbons with white and gold feathers dangle and sway
Silvery strings of yarn weave themselves into the mysterious net
It rests there
Silent and still
Like the wall decoration it's meant to be
But sometimes I wonder if it is really catching my dreams
My hopes and fears and imaginings
I wonder if it's running out of room
If the strings are becoming laden down by clusters of invisible, pulsing creations of the mind that cling to the yarn like dewdrops cling to spiderwebs after a misty morning
I wonder when it will reach its full capacity
When it will collapse under the weight of my endless stream of thoughts.
Or can it?
Perhaps it just absorbs the dreams until it is charged with so much creative energy and raw emotion that it would be dangerous to touch.
I wonder if I could touch it
Maybe there's a whole world through the dreamcatcher.
A world created from my musings and wonderings
A world full of impossibilities.
Because it really is impossible isn't it?
But then again, only nothing can be impossible, as far as I know, and my dreams are definitely something.
I sometimes wish I could reach my hand through the dreamcatcher.
Just to feel what dreams feel like
Do you think they have substance?
Or would I just feel warm breezes that flow up my arm and through my blood until my whole body is comfortably glowing?
Would dreams be sharp or soft?
Or prickly or lumpy or smooth or sandpapery or fuzzy?
Or everything all at once?
What do they all feel like at once?
I wonder what it's like through the dreamcatcher
Where does it go?
Does it go anywhere?
I suppose I'll never know.
All I can do is dream.

By Vivian


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Nadia! I'm glad you enjoyed my poem :)

  2. This is amazing! I really admire your writing skills -especially when you write stuff like this.

    1. Aww, thanks :). It's good to know that you all like my poetry- I'll try to post more of it. I have another good one in the works so get excited I guess

  3. This is so deep, I'm in love with your poetry <3

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Thanks! I checked out your blog- you're a good poet too! I was thinking about sending you a link for an autumn poem...I suppose I'd have to write one first...I'll have to ruminate on it for a while, see if any inspiration pops up :). Anyway glad you enjoyed the dreamcatcher one!