The Night Circus Book Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a mystical, magical, dreamlike book about two magicians who compete as part of an illusive competition in the dark and magical venue of the Night Circus. The Night Circus is a circus created to be slightly beyond the realm of believable, and it only opens at night. The two competitors use their skills to try and out-magic each other, but instead they end up falling head over heels in a vibrant, electric love that makes their powers more powerful and more beautiful. But only one competitor can win, and with their fall the circus will have to go as well.


OK, before I say anything else I just want to say that you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. It is SO wonderful and delicious and breathtaking and I love it. Seriously, I think this one's going on at the all time favorites list. It was that good.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, lets dive into the actual review. This book was so good mainly because of the mood it created- it was one of those books where all you have to do is open it and you're utterly transported to the mystical, mysterious, black and white night circus. I found myself craving the circus, wishing it was real so that I could revel in it like all of the other fictional spectators so blessed to have seen such a sight. All I wanted to do was to get back to the circus, to be able to read about it again. I could taste the caramel apples, I could feel the silk of the elaborate costumes brush my ankles, I could smell the mystery in the air. It was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The language, oh the language, I only wish that someday I could write as richly and vibrantly as that.

As for the actual storyline, well it was ok. For me it was more about the mood of the story. It was a bit confusing with the jumping back and forth in time, but I managed to figure it out and in the end came to enjoy that aspect. The contest was interesting, I'd never read a book with quite that idea of a contest. I loved the circus. I simply loved it. I was as intoxicated by it as all the reveurs in the book.  I liked Marco an awful lot, I enjoyed reading about his magic and his charm notebook (I wish that I could make notebooks as awesome as that). I thought reading about him was much more interesting than reading about Celia. Oh, I liked her of course. She was a fun character. But her style of magic was definitely more boring, just your classic old levitating and what-not. I found all the characters a bit hard to relate to, but I actually think that distance enhanced the mood of the book. I enjoyed Bailey as well, and I think the ending was clever, if not a bit confusing. I honestly wish I'd gotten a chance to actually see the love story unfold a little bit more (since this book claims to be at least partially a romance) because I feel like it was just suddenly there. Even so, I didn't mind it that much, as I feel that much more romance might have detracted from the actual book, and deviated into some sort of weird sub-plot that had not much to do with the actual storyline, which was the stability of the circus and all it's parts. The summary made it seem like it was more about the contest than it really was. In truth, I think this book was cleverly articulated to be less of an actual story and more a record of fantastical events. It's more about what exactly took place and how, than about analyzing the events. The author appears to be carefully observing the characters and their motives, as well as the world in and around the circus, instead of making the maneuvers herself. I found it a wonderful style of writing.

So In total this book was really really good. And that's really all I can say- it's a beautiful book. So read it!

So what did you think of this book? Could you picture the circus as vividly as I could? What kind of clock would you have had made for you? (mine would probably be one of the room with the wishing well). I thought it might be fun for us to put a red something on our blog as reveurs, so I found this picture of a red rose on a black background and I thought it was perfect. So if you are a reveur, post this image on your blog!

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