The Martian Book Review

I recently finished the book, The Martian. I really enjoyed it and wanted to do a review on it. So as usual here's a quick summary, and then we'll get into the review.

The Martian, by Andy Weir is a believable sic-fi book about an astronaut named Mark Watney who accidentally gets left on Mars when his crew evacuates due to an unexpected storm. Presumed dead, the witty and ever-resourceful Watney is forced to survive alone on the red planet until the scientists back on Earth realize his fate and are able to come up with a way to save him. This book is packed with Mars facts, survival struggles, plot twists, and sarcasm.


This book may have been one of my favorites this year. It was exciting, suspenseful, well-written, and informative. I learned so much about space and Mars from just reading this book! As for the characters- I loved Watney. He was a relatable, believable guy with plenty of humor. His plight was also a great storyline- it's amazing how accurate the author was able to make that story. I found myself totally believing that everything done was possible. And from the things I've read about the book- most of them were! Lets all take a second to applaud the scientific genius of Andy Weir. As for the other characters, Lewis and the rest of the crew were also believable and well-written, and I loved reading about them. The people down on earth were also well-written, but I can't say I enjoyed reading about them quite as much. Venkat honestly bugged me a little, along with Annie, but I did like Mitch just fine. But I didn't dislike them because they were poorly constructed, I disliked them because I wanted Watney home so bad, and their characters were made to be slightly over-cautious or, in some cases, flat out obnoxious. Again, well done Mr. Weir. All I can say about the storyline: fantastic. Superb. Weir did what all good authors should do and made Watney's life as hard as possible. There were no easy escapes, no coincidences to get the astronaut out of bad circumstances. Watney struggled. And that's what people like to read. It made me excited to keep reading, wanting so badly to figure out how the clever astronaut was going to work his way out of this one. The only thing I was a little disappointed but was the ending- I really wanted to see a reunion with the crew. but I guess the ending did add a little dramatic flair. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and hope to see the movie eventually, even though my dad says it's not as good as the book. Oh well.

What did you think of The Martian? Do you agree with my review? Comment down below!

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  1. I want to read this book badly or rather finish it. I was reading it online before the movie came out but my preview ended. The first couple of chapters are so good, always interesting!