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Smoked is the third book in the Scorched trilogy by Mari Mancusi. In this book, Trinity, Connor, Caleb, Scarlet, and Emmy continue their quest to save the world from the ever-present dragon apocalypse. But more importantly, Trinity and her friends have some friendship drama to get through. Who will go out with whom? Will the dynamics ever get worked out?


Ok I'm sorry to those of you who loved this book that my summary was so cynical. But seriously, who goes into a dragon action adventure fantasy book looking for friend zoning and drama? Not me. I don't know what happened here. All I knew was that it seemed more important to the storyline that Connor and Trinity get back together than that dragons don't blow up the world. I'm not even kidding when I say that half of this book was about a Scarlet and Trinity all out fight, with Caleb and Connor darting in to try to save their maybe, maybe not girlfriends from tearing each other up. Even Emmy got in it, with her ignoring Trinity, and then ignoring Scarlet, and then ignoring everyone.

Even though the storyline was way more focused on the drama than the real so-called plot, I'm going to try and look past that and focus on the glimpses of story we did catch. Emmy having her babies was way over foreshadowed and too obvious, but I felt like it could've been a neat plot twist if it had been written better. This book was one of those books where you sort of go along cringing at all the stupid things that the characters do and wish desperately that they would all just sit down and talk it out already because all these false assumptions are building on each other and it's getting ridiculous. I actually like Caleb and Scarlet's little relationship, it worked out fine to solve the love triangle, but I honestly pretty much hated Trinity by the end of it. She was a flat out jerk to everyone, especially Scarlet, and it was for all the wrong reasons- jealousy, envy, fear. It was hard for me to be on her side. I mean, Scarlet's done some bad things in the past, but she never meant to mess anything up and she pretty much made it up to Trinity by spending six months being tortured to rescue her dragon. In my opinion, Trinity needed to get a grip.

I'm honestly not sure what the heck Trinity's dad was up to. He was just weird. Like I feel like most dad's of teenage girls wouldn't just fade into the background and allow their daughter to try and single handedly train and rally a group of teenagers to save the world, all the while riding around on the back of a dragon and fighting stuff. But hey, at least he showed up when she needed relationship advice, because that's all girls who have major world saving responsibilities really care about anyways (not).

I really wish there was more actual dragon riding. Like there should've been so much more of training and bonding and everything like that. Instead, most of the dragon time was composed of them watching TV. Great family bonding. I wanted to see that dragon-human interaction. That's why you read books about dragons, to read about dragons doing dragon stuff, not watching soap operas! I wish that the dragons had acted more like dragons too, to me they just seemed like humans in scales. If you've ever read the chapters in Eragon from Saphira's perspective, then you know what I'm looking for.

Zavier and Zoe were cute- again, they should've become like even more bonded with Caleb and Scarlet. Neither of them should've died.

There should've been actual hybrids (not just the lame diversion) that they could've battled in a massive showdown. I feel like the whole book was just too easy a way out. Connor is conveniently able to take Zoe's place in the nether. Trinity has to suffer terrible heartbreak for like three days until Zavier conveniently dies and Zoe decides she wants to go with him so Connor gets to come back out. Saw that one from a mile away. The time travel plot twist at the end was actually ok, if not a bit confusing. It was good though, I liked that part.

I don't know about that whole dragon nether thing at the end. To be honest, they should've just transported the whole Team Dragon back there where they could live there lives together as a Team Dragon clan. I mean, why not? It's not like there's any reason to stay- all those kids were getting bonded with their dragons, things were working out, then they just left. Now I suppose Team Dragon disbands and goes back to their old life? I doubt it. You don't go through something like that then just casually catch up on your math homework and get a part time job at the ice cream shop.

But listen, here's the thing- this book wasn't that great. But Mari Mancusi isn't a bad author- there's a reason I read the third book in the first place- it's because the first and second books are actually really good. So read those! I love the idea of this series, I just found the third book a rush job.

So obviously I wasn't crazy about this book. The first book was way better. Also, quick side note, I had a good laugh at the section titles. Char. A favorite. But what did you think of this book? Did you enjoy it? Did you find it lacking? Drop a comment!

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