My Newly Redecorated Room!

I recently redecorated my room, with the help of my sisters and my mom. In truth, interior design is really not my art form at all and I have no idea how to go about doing it. But my sister, on the other hand, is very talented and had lots of great ideas for my room. Her blog is Coastal Dreams if you want to check it out, although I don't think she's posted anything in a while. But anyways, my room turned out simply beautiful, thanks to her, and is truly my dream room. I love it. Here are some photos!

My art desk-probably my favorite part of my room. I was thinking of doing a sort of tour on it, let me know what you would all think of that.

A corner of my room.

My sewing supplies and sock monkey collection.

My bed and window.

A nightstand

My (truly awesome and running out of room) bookshelf. I used to have two but had to narrow it down to one now, so I'm starting to run out of space. Good thing I get most of my books from the library.

And in case you're wondering I keep all my clothes in the closet but that wouldn't be terribly interesting to look at and frankly I don't know if I want pictures of my closet on the internet, call me strange. So there you have it- my room!


  1. Your rooms so pretty! Glad you shared! I should have a room post coming soon on my blog, too. I like the white shelves in your second picture captioned a comer of my room. Where did you buy them

    1. I think we got them at lots of the stuff was purchased from there. I look forward to your room post! Thanks for dropping a comment!