Maze Runner Series Review

I recently finished the first three books in the Maze Runner series, which is by James Dashner. This is a series about a boy who finds himself trapped in a maze with his memories wiped, and he has to overcome numerous obstacles set up by the "Creators". This is a classic dystopian storyline, with a high level of suspense and little to no actual down time in between franticly exciting scenes.


So what did I think of this book? Well the first one was awesome. Crazy, action packed, mysteries at every corner, and so many plot twists I could barely remember what the original storyline was. By the end of it I simply couldn't wait to read the next book- I had so many questions and unanswered stuff from the other books. So I jumped into the second book super pumped and excited. Well it turns out that the second one is not very different from the first, and the third is practically a copy. I got extremely bored, which is not supposed to happen when your reading and action book. The problem was that the author seemed to only be able to write one plot, which is really awesome once but not so awesome again. Plus, there were too many unclosed loops- so many things that originally seemed relevant but were never cleared up. That always frustrates me, and it ruins the quality of an otherwise good book. I had to stop reading the series, because I honestly wasn't hooked any more. The characters were fine, I liked all the boys. Thomas was fun to read about, and I also really liked Minho and Newt. But the author is NOT good at writing girl characters. All of them were static, boy crazy, deadpan machines. Teresa was very hard to relate to, and as a female I can assure you that that's not exactly how we act. Brenda was a little better, but not much. Also, the unnecessary love triangle in the second and third book? Come on! When will YA writers figure out that nobody likes love triangles! They're a cheaters way of creating romantic tension without a real dilemma! And we've read it a MILLION times! So that was disappointing for me. I enjoyed the actual problem, I thought the whole controlling government, solar flares, crazy virus was fun to read, and I thought it was pretty well executed. I just got sick of all the, "Oh we're telling you the truth now." and then "No, that was all a test but we're going to tell you the truth now." I felt like I never really knew anything. There was no basis to make predictions about the rest of the book.

So overall I was a bit disappointed by this series. But what did you think of the series? Did you like the characters? Comment down below!

P.S. I'm going to see the movie soon- I'd never even seen the first one because I don't like to watch the movie if I haven't read the book. But I'm excited to see it!


  1. Thanks for the review! I'd watch the first movie but didn't get to finish the first book. To be honest the movie was a bit gory and not a good idea to watch at night, especially if you're prone to nightmares. But overall it was okay, I'd rate it maybe 8/10.
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    Looking forward to more amazing posts!

    1. Thanks for the comment Zelus! And also, thanks for following me! It's funny, because I actually checked out your blog already and still have the tab open on my computer :). I really liked it and was going to follow but had to leave my computer. I was planning on following it when I got back- and then I realized you had already left a comment on my blog! What a coincidence! I would be happy to give you come feedback- I'll go drop a comment on your blog. Look forward to reading your stuff!
      P.S. I love your name so cool :)

    2. Haha, it's coincidental alright (or is it fate o.O)!
      My real name isn't Zelus though, it's just something I liked and I use it for my blog username.