I Crave the Cold

Eyes closed, thoughts drift,
Warm sun beats upon my face.
Sticky and dry, my parched tongue whispers a wish up to the endless summer air.
My fingers etch dreams in the dry dirt,
Sand carvings that swirl and lilt around the straws of dry grass that dig into my thighs.
I crave autumn.
I crave the cold.
I long for misty mornings and dewdrops on fiery red roses.
I dream of crisp air with the taste of even crisper apples on my tongue.
I want raindrops to fall on my nose, and my bare feet to have a chance to splash through real, genuine puddles.
I want to be wet.
I want to be gloriously drenched and covered in life-giving water.
I want to hear the plants and trees and soil and rocks cry and sing in joy around me as we collectively lift our faces to the sky that pours fresh water tears down our cheeks.
I don't want an umbrella.
I want wet hair.
I'm sick of being dry!
I want to be cold!
I crave the cold.
I crave delightfully uncomfortable tremors that course through my body because for once I'm not hot.
I'm chilly, frigid, icy, frozen, cold.
I want the wind.
I dream of blustery days that will whip my coat and hair and stray leaves around my face in a frantic, violent, stormy frenzy.
Wind that leaves my tongue dry and my cheeks rosy.
I crave the discomforts of nature.
Because nature was never meant to be comfortable.
It was meant to be experienced.
I want to look out a roaring, churning, beautifully emotion-filled ocean and scream at the top of my lungs in praise to the one who made it. And nobody but Him will hear because my voice will be whipped away by the gusting of nature's breath.
And I want it that way.
I want to feel that again,
because I haven't felt it in so long.
I crave the cold.

*some background on this poem- When I wrote this I was inspired (well actually more like frustrated) with the drought that my state is in. I live in Southern California, and I'm sure you've heard about the heat that we are living in. It's ALWAYS hot. I honestly haven't worn pants to school for about a year. And you don't know how badly we all want to wear jeans. All anyone wants is the cold. It's hot in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. And we can't water our lawns and we have to conserve as much water as we possible. And we all desperately want rain. You can just see all the dry, hungry plants pleading, praying for the heavens to open again. And I'm praying with them. Because I read all these autumn stories and poems and I wish so badly I could at least wear a jacket to school instead of sandals. So that's why I wrote this.


  1. This is beautiful. I saw you commented on my blog about a button widget, so I just wanted to make sure you heard back from me- My blog button is 200x200 pixels- I used the website canva to resize it to the right size. :) Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Sophia from Someplace in the Midst

    1. ok, thanks! that is super helpful- I will try to get that to work. Again, thanks so much for the help.

  2. This is amazing... I've never really experienced total cold weather, just air-conditioned temperature so this poem is like a newly opened window that allows me to look out and somehow feel what you're feeling.

    1. Aw, thanks :) That's interesting that you've never been in the cold- honestly where I live in California it rarely gets lower than 70 these days but I remember when we used to have colder weather, and also I have traveled to colder places. Do you live somewhere very tropical?