Halloween Snapshots

Here is a collection of Halloween moments, if you will, from my (not especially but whatever) spooky day today with captions. I thought this was a fun idea instead of a long written post about my day. In case you're wondering, I went trick-or-treating with my sisters and my neighbors tonight as an artist. I wore my smock and stuck some paintbrushes in my hair and rubbed paint on my face. It was a little last minute because of how little time I've had, but it turned out cool.

Wore this cool choker- I like wearing it a lot and I thought it was kind of spooky :)

My two Halloween Sock monkeys- my dog chewed the eyes off of the mummy one but I think it sort of adds to the effect.

My grandma sent me these guys in the mail- they are hanging on my bedroom door.

My new addition of the Ellery Queen Mystery magazine arrived in the mail yesterday- I've read one of the stories so far.

My little sister did this cute painting- very nice!

Carved pumpkin.

One of my dogs.

Two cute little jack-o-lantern decorations. I like the metallic one, it's cool.

Halloween socks! I have two pairs- I wore the ones with spiders yesterday.

I like to get the Halloween bookmarks from my school library.

Bright and sunny here in So-Cal- it was in the 80s. 

Halloween sign in our front yard.

My other dog.


  1. Aw I love this post! Your dogs are too cute and I love that choker :D


  2. Awww your dogs are so adorable I just want to pet them all day! I found your sock monkeys quite unique too- I've never really heard of/seen them. Your pumpkin's really cool, though. I've only carved a pumpkin once and it was this messy block xD

    1. Thanks! I love my dogs- they are even cuter in real life! As for the sock monkeys, its kind of a weird collection I have. I have a whole bunch on a shelf in my room. I LOVE sock monkeys! I think they're so cute! I've even made a few! I think it has to do with my love of socks as well- socks and monkeys, what could be better?? :)