Halloween Snapshots

Here is a collection of Halloween moments, if you will, from my (not especially but whatever) spooky day today with captions. I thought this was a fun idea instead of a long written post about my day. In case you're wondering, I went trick-or-treating with my sisters and my neighbors tonight as an artist. I wore my smock and stuck some paintbrushes in my hair and rubbed paint on my face. It was a little last minute because of how little time I've had, but it turned out cool.

Wore this cool choker- I like wearing it a lot and I thought it was kind of spooky :)

My two Halloween Sock monkeys- my dog chewed the eyes off of the mummy one but I think it sort of adds to the effect.

My grandma sent me these guys in the mail- they are hanging on my bedroom door.

My new addition of the Ellery Queen Mystery magazine arrived in the mail yesterday- I've read one of the stories so far.

My little sister did this cute painting- very nice!

Carved pumpkin.

One of my dogs.

Two cute little jack-o-lantern decorations. I like the metallic one, it's cool.

Halloween socks! I have two pairs- I wore the ones with spiders yesterday.

I like to get the Halloween bookmarks from my school library.

Bright and sunny here in So-Cal- it was in the 80s. 

Halloween sign in our front yard.

My other dog.

I Crave the Cold

Eyes closed, thoughts drift,
Warm sun beats upon my face.
Sticky and dry, my parched tongue whispers a wish up to the endless summer air.
My fingers etch dreams in the dry dirt,
Sand carvings that swirl and lilt around the straws of dry grass that dig into my thighs.
I crave autumn.
I crave the cold.
I long for misty mornings and dewdrops on fiery red roses.
I dream of crisp air with the taste of even crisper apples on my tongue.
I want raindrops to fall on my nose, and my bare feet to have a chance to splash through real, genuine puddles.
I want to be wet.
I want to be gloriously drenched and covered in life-giving water.
I want to hear the plants and trees and soil and rocks cry and sing in joy around me as we collectively lift our faces to the sky that pours fresh water tears down our cheeks.
I don't want an umbrella.
I want wet hair.
I'm sick of being dry!
I want to be cold!
I crave the cold.
I crave delightfully uncomfortable tremors that course through my body because for once I'm not hot.
I'm chilly, frigid, icy, frozen, cold.
I want the wind.
I dream of blustery days that will whip my coat and hair and stray leaves around my face in a frantic, violent, stormy frenzy.
Wind that leaves my tongue dry and my cheeks rosy.
I crave the discomforts of nature.
Because nature was never meant to be comfortable.
It was meant to be experienced.
I want to look out a roaring, churning, beautifully emotion-filled ocean and scream at the top of my lungs in praise to the one who made it. And nobody but Him will hear because my voice will be whipped away by the gusting of nature's breath.
And I want it that way.
I want to feel that again,
because I haven't felt it in so long.
I crave the cold.

*some background on this poem- When I wrote this I was inspired (well actually more like frustrated) with the drought that my state is in. I live in Southern California, and I'm sure you've heard about the heat that we are living in. It's ALWAYS hot. I honestly haven't worn pants to school for about a year. And you don't know how badly we all want to wear jeans. All anyone wants is the cold. It's hot in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. And we can't water our lawns and we have to conserve as much water as we possible. And we all desperately want rain. You can just see all the dry, hungry plants pleading, praying for the heavens to open again. And I'm praying with them. Because I read all these autumn stories and poems and I wish so badly I could at least wear a jacket to school instead of sandals. So that's why I wrote this.

An Interesting Art Quote

So I get these emails from this art organization in my town. And I was scrolling through a recent one and I happened upon this photo. I really love it. I like how it shows what some people let themselves believe, and what we as artists can counter with. It is a beautiful work of art. Here it is- I love it so much.

Smoked Book Review

Smoked is the third book in the Scorched trilogy by Mari Mancusi. In this book, Trinity, Connor, Caleb, Scarlet, and Emmy continue their quest to save the world from the ever-present dragon apocalypse. But more importantly, Trinity and her friends have some friendship drama to get through. Who will go out with whom? Will the dynamics ever get worked out?


Ok I'm sorry to those of you who loved this book that my summary was so cynical. But seriously, who goes into a dragon action adventure fantasy book looking for friend zoning and drama? Not me. I don't know what happened here. All I knew was that it seemed more important to the storyline that Connor and Trinity get back together than that dragons don't blow up the world. I'm not even kidding when I say that half of this book was about a Scarlet and Trinity all out fight, with Caleb and Connor darting in to try to save their maybe, maybe not girlfriends from tearing each other up. Even Emmy got in it, with her ignoring Trinity, and then ignoring Scarlet, and then ignoring everyone.

Even though the storyline was way more focused on the drama than the real so-called plot, I'm going to try and look past that and focus on the glimpses of story we did catch. Emmy having her babies was way over foreshadowed and too obvious, but I felt like it could've been a neat plot twist if it had been written better. This book was one of those books where you sort of go along cringing at all the stupid things that the characters do and wish desperately that they would all just sit down and talk it out already because all these false assumptions are building on each other and it's getting ridiculous. I actually like Caleb and Scarlet's little relationship, it worked out fine to solve the love triangle, but I honestly pretty much hated Trinity by the end of it. She was a flat out jerk to everyone, especially Scarlet, and it was for all the wrong reasons- jealousy, envy, fear. It was hard for me to be on her side. I mean, Scarlet's done some bad things in the past, but she never meant to mess anything up and she pretty much made it up to Trinity by spending six months being tortured to rescue her dragon. In my opinion, Trinity needed to get a grip.

I'm honestly not sure what the heck Trinity's dad was up to. He was just weird. Like I feel like most dad's of teenage girls wouldn't just fade into the background and allow their daughter to try and single handedly train and rally a group of teenagers to save the world, all the while riding around on the back of a dragon and fighting stuff. But hey, at least he showed up when she needed relationship advice, because that's all girls who have major world saving responsibilities really care about anyways (not).

I really wish there was more actual dragon riding. Like there should've been so much more of training and bonding and everything like that. Instead, most of the dragon time was composed of them watching TV. Great family bonding. I wanted to see that dragon-human interaction. That's why you read books about dragons, to read about dragons doing dragon stuff, not watching soap operas! I wish that the dragons had acted more like dragons too, to me they just seemed like humans in scales. If you've ever read the chapters in Eragon from Saphira's perspective, then you know what I'm looking for.

Zavier and Zoe were cute- again, they should've become like even more bonded with Caleb and Scarlet. Neither of them should've died.

There should've been actual hybrids (not just the lame diversion) that they could've battled in a massive showdown. I feel like the whole book was just too easy a way out. Connor is conveniently able to take Zoe's place in the nether. Trinity has to suffer terrible heartbreak for like three days until Zavier conveniently dies and Zoe decides she wants to go with him so Connor gets to come back out. Saw that one from a mile away. The time travel plot twist at the end was actually ok, if not a bit confusing. It was good though, I liked that part.

I don't know about that whole dragon nether thing at the end. To be honest, they should've just transported the whole Team Dragon back there where they could live there lives together as a Team Dragon clan. I mean, why not? It's not like there's any reason to stay- all those kids were getting bonded with their dragons, things were working out, then they just left. Now I suppose Team Dragon disbands and goes back to their old life? I doubt it. You don't go through something like that then just casually catch up on your math homework and get a part time job at the ice cream shop.

But listen, here's the thing- this book wasn't that great. But Mari Mancusi isn't a bad author- there's a reason I read the third book in the first place- it's because the first and second books are actually really good. So read those! I love the idea of this series, I just found the third book a rush job.

So obviously I wasn't crazy about this book. The first book was way better. Also, quick side note, I had a good laugh at the section titles. Char. A favorite. But what did you think of this book? Did you enjoy it? Did you find it lacking? Drop a comment!

Words are Magic

Words are one to the most potent, most reliable sources of magic found in today's world. As other magic drifts away or is forgotten, words hold on, swaying hearts, prompting action, and leading adventures. Words can transport you, ignite you, calm you, heal you. Words hold power, lots of power. Some are ignorant and irresponsible with their words, throwing them about, diminishing their value. But there are some who nurture their words, understand that in order to properly use them you must study them, and study them hard. For what is magic without practice? Did not all great magicians have to toil for hours on end, perfecting the tricks of the trade? Yes, and so must we as word magicians. They go to great lengths to reach and understand the lesser known words, so that the spells they cast may be that much more impactful. I can only hope, as an apprentice word master, that someday my words will say things that have never been said before. Words are magic, use them as such.

The Night Circus Book Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a mystical, magical, dreamlike book about two magicians who compete as part of an illusive competition in the dark and magical venue of the Night Circus. The Night Circus is a circus created to be slightly beyond the realm of believable, and it only opens at night. The two competitors use their skills to try and out-magic each other, but instead they end up falling head over heels in a vibrant, electric love that makes their powers more powerful and more beautiful. But only one competitor can win, and with their fall the circus will have to go as well.


OK, before I say anything else I just want to say that you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. It is SO wonderful and delicious and breathtaking and I love it. Seriously, I think this one's going on at the all time favorites list. It was that good.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, lets dive into the actual review. This book was so good mainly because of the mood it created- it was one of those books where all you have to do is open it and you're utterly transported to the mystical, mysterious, black and white night circus. I found myself craving the circus, wishing it was real so that I could revel in it like all of the other fictional spectators so blessed to have seen such a sight. All I wanted to do was to get back to the circus, to be able to read about it again. I could taste the caramel apples, I could feel the silk of the elaborate costumes brush my ankles, I could smell the mystery in the air. It was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The language, oh the language, I only wish that someday I could write as richly and vibrantly as that.

As for the actual storyline, well it was ok. For me it was more about the mood of the story. It was a bit confusing with the jumping back and forth in time, but I managed to figure it out and in the end came to enjoy that aspect. The contest was interesting, I'd never read a book with quite that idea of a contest. I loved the circus. I simply loved it. I was as intoxicated by it as all the reveurs in the book.  I liked Marco an awful lot, I enjoyed reading about his magic and his charm notebook (I wish that I could make notebooks as awesome as that). I thought reading about him was much more interesting than reading about Celia. Oh, I liked her of course. She was a fun character. But her style of magic was definitely more boring, just your classic old levitating and what-not. I found all the characters a bit hard to relate to, but I actually think that distance enhanced the mood of the book. I enjoyed Bailey as well, and I think the ending was clever, if not a bit confusing. I honestly wish I'd gotten a chance to actually see the love story unfold a little bit more (since this book claims to be at least partially a romance) because I feel like it was just suddenly there. Even so, I didn't mind it that much, as I feel that much more romance might have detracted from the actual book, and deviated into some sort of weird sub-plot that had not much to do with the actual storyline, which was the stability of the circus and all it's parts. The summary made it seem like it was more about the contest than it really was. In truth, I think this book was cleverly articulated to be less of an actual story and more a record of fantastical events. It's more about what exactly took place and how, than about analyzing the events. The author appears to be carefully observing the characters and their motives, as well as the world in and around the circus, instead of making the maneuvers herself. I found it a wonderful style of writing.

So In total this book was really really good. And that's really all I can say- it's a beautiful book. So read it!

So what did you think of this book? Could you picture the circus as vividly as I could? What kind of clock would you have had made for you? (mine would probably be one of the room with the wishing well). I thought it might be fun for us to put a red something on our blog as reveurs, so I found this picture of a red rose on a black background and I thought it was perfect. So if you are a reveur, post this image on your blog!

What it's Really Like to Be in High School

What's it really like? Well I honestly think that Taylor Swift describes it best - "We're happy, free, confused, lonely at the same time. It's magical and miserable." There it is. In other words, it's a little of everything.

It's cool to feel older, I suppose. I mean, I'm in high school. I know that in elementary school and even junior high I thought of that as a sort of unattainable age, like it was about as far away as the nearest galaxy. But here I am. And let me tell you, it's definitely NOT like High School Musical. Sorry to disappoint you eighth graders. There's not half as much dancing and singing and music without a discernible source. And there is no super popular group and geek group and all that. There's just sort of a mush of kids who all sort of know each other, some better and others. Sure they separate out, but mainly there's a lot of intermingling. Not everyone's in a relationship, and if you are then you probably don't sing duets every other sentence (again, bummer, that would make math class about a thousand times more interesting).

But sometimes it feels like its a combination of more freedom than you've ever experienced and at the same time so much WORK all the time. I had midterms this week, and it was maybe one of the most miserable weeks of my life. I was stressed out every moment of the day, and when I was taking a break from endless studying, I felt guilty for not having my head stuck in a textbook. Everyone has stuff for you to do.

You're sort of figuring yourself out- who you want to be, what you want to wear, what music you want to listen to. And those feel like awful big choices. And while you're figuring that out, your staring at yourself in the mirror trying so hard to understand who the heck that person staring back at you is.

You have moments where you walk out the door to school and you feel great and confident and love yourself, and moments when you slam the front door and absolutely despise who you are and pray that nobody at school thinks you're as pathetic as you think you are.

 You worry a lot, or at least I do. And then I also have moments where I want to take big risks and try crazy new things that I never would've done in the past.

 You wonder what people are thinking of you, and then decide that whatever they're thinking, you don't care because you're going to do whatever the heck you want. You daydream a lot, because sometimes the dream is better than the boring reality. You dream about what you'll do when you're older, the places you'll go, the people you'll meet. And then you wish desperately that you'd never age and in fact you'd like to just go back to kindergarten.

And you have moments that are so new and exhilarating and you try to act cool like you do this all the time but in real life it's pretty dang exciting.

You get exposed to plenty of new content that can be frankly shocking and somewhat scarring, because some of those kids have pretty dirty minds. Yeesh. And you have to be careful what you bring home to your little sisters. You hear more cussing then you ever have in your entire life in a span of a day, and you worry your ears might go deaf from all the harsh language.

And if you're me, then you get so lost in the moment that you wonder how all the other kids your age can stand always being trapped in their phones. And boy are they. Sometimes you feel that conversations without a screen are practically an endangered species. So you make an effort to put your device away so that other people can see you like you're dying to see them.

You want to go hang out with friends, but you also want to go hide in your room and read books for the rest of your life and never talk to anyone.

And you have stuff to SAY. And you feel like you've got a lot of big ideas. And you want people to listen. So I guess that's why I started this blog, so that I could say all the stuff swirling around in my head. And there's high school in a nutshell.

What my desk, and life, actually looked like this week.

Peacock Coloring Page

I posted a coloring page recently and you viewers seemed to really enjoy it, so I thought I would post another for your amusement. Here it is! It was done from a Creative Haven Coloring Book (I recommend them highly the pages are beautiful).

My Newly Redecorated Room!

I recently redecorated my room, with the help of my sisters and my mom. In truth, interior design is really not my art form at all and I have no idea how to go about doing it. But my sister, on the other hand, is very talented and had lots of great ideas for my room. Her blog is Coastal Dreams if you want to check it out, although I don't think she's posted anything in a while. But anyways, my room turned out simply beautiful, thanks to her, and is truly my dream room. I love it. Here are some photos!

My art desk-probably my favorite part of my room. I was thinking of doing a sort of tour on it, let me know what you would all think of that.

A corner of my room.

My sewing supplies and sock monkey collection.

My bed and window.

A nightstand

My (truly awesome and running out of room) bookshelf. I used to have two but had to narrow it down to one now, so I'm starting to run out of space. Good thing I get most of my books from the library.

And in case you're wondering I keep all my clothes in the closet but that wouldn't be terribly interesting to look at and frankly I don't know if I want pictures of my closet on the internet, call me strange. So there you have it- my room!

A Neat Marker Coloring Page

So I was looking through some old photos and I found this picture of a coloring page I did a while back with markers. I know some people might think I'm to old for coloring or whatever but personally I find it is a very relaxing and wholesome way for me to have some quiet time. And coloring is fun! So you should try it too it's really great. Anyways here's the picture- I think it's really pretty.

The Martian Book Review

I recently finished the book, The Martian. I really enjoyed it and wanted to do a review on it. So as usual here's a quick summary, and then we'll get into the review.

The Martian, by Andy Weir is a believable sic-fi book about an astronaut named Mark Watney who accidentally gets left on Mars when his crew evacuates due to an unexpected storm. Presumed dead, the witty and ever-resourceful Watney is forced to survive alone on the red planet until the scientists back on Earth realize his fate and are able to come up with a way to save him. This book is packed with Mars facts, survival struggles, plot twists, and sarcasm.


This book may have been one of my favorites this year. It was exciting, suspenseful, well-written, and informative. I learned so much about space and Mars from just reading this book! As for the characters- I loved Watney. He was a relatable, believable guy with plenty of humor. His plight was also a great storyline- it's amazing how accurate the author was able to make that story. I found myself totally believing that everything done was possible. And from the things I've read about the book- most of them were! Lets all take a second to applaud the scientific genius of Andy Weir. As for the other characters, Lewis and the rest of the crew were also believable and well-written, and I loved reading about them. The people down on earth were also well-written, but I can't say I enjoyed reading about them quite as much. Venkat honestly bugged me a little, along with Annie, but I did like Mitch just fine. But I didn't dislike them because they were poorly constructed, I disliked them because I wanted Watney home so bad, and their characters were made to be slightly over-cautious or, in some cases, flat out obnoxious. Again, well done Mr. Weir. All I can say about the storyline: fantastic. Superb. Weir did what all good authors should do and made Watney's life as hard as possible. There were no easy escapes, no coincidences to get the astronaut out of bad circumstances. Watney struggled. And that's what people like to read. It made me excited to keep reading, wanting so badly to figure out how the clever astronaut was going to work his way out of this one. The only thing I was a little disappointed but was the ending- I really wanted to see a reunion with the crew. but I guess the ending did add a little dramatic flair. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and hope to see the movie eventually, even though my dad says it's not as good as the book. Oh well.

What did you think of The Martian? Do you agree with my review? Comment down below!

Though the Dreamcatcher

I hung a dreamcatcher on my door
Blue ribbons with white and gold feathers dangle and sway
Silvery strings of yarn weave themselves into the mysterious net
It rests there
Silent and still
Like the wall decoration it's meant to be
But sometimes I wonder if it is really catching my dreams
My hopes and fears and imaginings
I wonder if it's running out of room
If the strings are becoming laden down by clusters of invisible, pulsing creations of the mind that cling to the yarn like dewdrops cling to spiderwebs after a misty morning
I wonder when it will reach its full capacity
When it will collapse under the weight of my endless stream of thoughts.
Or can it?
Perhaps it just absorbs the dreams until it is charged with so much creative energy and raw emotion that it would be dangerous to touch.
I wonder if I could touch it
Maybe there's a whole world through the dreamcatcher.
A world created from my musings and wonderings
A world full of impossibilities.
Because it really is impossible isn't it?
But then again, only nothing can be impossible, as far as I know, and my dreams are definitely something.
I sometimes wish I could reach my hand through the dreamcatcher.
Just to feel what dreams feel like
Do you think they have substance?
Or would I just feel warm breezes that flow up my arm and through my blood until my whole body is comfortably glowing?
Would dreams be sharp or soft?
Or prickly or lumpy or smooth or sandpapery or fuzzy?
Or everything all at once?
What do they all feel like at once?
I wonder what it's like through the dreamcatcher
Where does it go?
Does it go anywhere?
I suppose I'll never know.
All I can do is dream.

By Vivian

Sketches- Scribbles and Stuff

So I realized it has been too long since I posted some sketchbook work- (where does the time go these days?). I apologize for the lack of completed stuff- I honestly don't have that much time to do anything besides school school and more school right now but I do have some fun snapshots of doodling and other scribblings. So enjoy and be inspired!
P.S. sorry the lighting's not so great I took it at night so it came out a little funky.


Fairy on a Branch

Head of some cool character.

Marker Doodling!

Were-cat sketch (she's so cute)

More doodling

You Ever Just Need to Write?

You ever have one of those days where you wake up super early so you can get to a study session at 7, take a chemistry test in first period and rub your forehead in stress the entire time because you're  pretty much sure your failing it, haul your million pound backpack and other assorted junk to second and sit there in utter boredom because you ALREADY FIGURED THIS OUT WHY ARE WE GOING OVER IT AGAIN? So you finally escape to lunch and then you get a little chance to smile and relax and you even laugh a little because you have friends and they're funny and plus one of them lets you borrow his book that he's reading and it's super hysterical. But then the bell rings all too soon and you're off to math which might be nice because the kids sitting around you are cool except for the fact that you have to learn actual math and the classroom is sweltering hot because they didn't think ventilation was necessary even though we've been in a sever drought and it hits 90 like every day. So your teacher tries to save you from heatstroke because she's nice like that by buying a ton of little fans to put around the classroom, but despite all that effort your legs still stick to your chair. And then the bell rings and you get a nice walk down the shady hall and a high five, but then you have to go struggle with your locker which has a stubborn little lock that is most definitely probably defective because you have to have a serious struggle yanking and pulling on it every time you want to get it open and kids walk by and ask if you need help and you're just like, thanks for being so nice and you're all great but honestly I promise I'll get it eventually my lock just has a problem. So you finally open it and then rush to the locker room because the bell has already rung while you and the lock were having your miniature battle. And believe it or not it was swim day for the PE kids which was probably fun for them but not so fun for you because you have to tip-toe your bare feet on the watery, dirty, floor while you change into your gym clothes. And the locker room's steamy and crowded and the bathroom line is too long and the sink water practically burns your hands off because there must not be a temperature valve or whatever in there. Then you get out on the track for cross country practice and believe it or not they make you run. Luckily you aren't too against it today. Plus you get to run with your friend and that's always fun. But it's a pre-meet and those suck. But you somehow make it out alive, and manage to actually get out before the rest of the school is let out instead of an hour later, which is nice. You have a slightly less intense fight with your locker, then get to rest in the shade until your mom comes to get you, but she keeps driving because she doesn't see you so you have to run with your stiff, sore cross country legs and all your bags to catch up to her. But the car has air conditioning and Ed Sheehan's Thinking out Loud is on the radio so you think you might make it after all. You get home and there are pumpkin cheerios waiting for you, which turn out to be not as good as they sound but who cares. After some trail mix and cheese you decide it's time to do some well deserved reading and devote at least an hour to sitting curled up on the couch reading The Martian which is epic. But your sister insists on watching Cinderella for the third time this week on the TV so it's a little hard to concentrate. Luckily you have perfected the art of retreating into the book entirely and becoming unaware of the world, so you make do. You would read longer but you figure it might be smart not to mention sanitary to take a shower so you do, even though it seems like an overly daunting task. When you're clean you remember a cool blogger left a comment on your blog yesterday so you decide to check and see if she wrote back to your reply. Sure enough she did, and you scroll around and do some email and check your grades, and then stare at a blank post for a while. And you realize how much you need to write. To just let it all out and WRITE because it feels so good and your head is bursting with randomness you haven't been able to say all day. And since your teachers had mercy on you and actually didn't try to murder you with homework you actually have some time to do it. So you open up a blank post and just write, and this is what comes out. And you're a little anxious the whole time because you know you have to go to a team dinner tonight for the upcoming oh so terrible just kill me now cross country race that you've been trying not to think about, but you write anyway. Even though you have to perch awkwardly on the armrest of your chair because your stool broke and your desk is to tall for it's replacement, you write. I had one of those days today. And boy does it feel nice to write. I don't know if I'll publish this. I don't know if I'll even read it again. But if I do actually post it, then maybe you'll get something meaningful from it. I'm not sure what. But I have no better way to conclude this post. So yeah- good job if you even got this far. I hope you can remember to write or do whatever it is you do that helps you process. And I hope you remember to make time for those things, because I believe that they are just as important as school or work or whatever. Because you are important, and your interests help make you you. So I guess the point I'm trying to make is, do you ever just need to write?

Maze Runner Series Review

I recently finished the first three books in the Maze Runner series, which is by James Dashner. This is a series about a boy who finds himself trapped in a maze with his memories wiped, and he has to overcome numerous obstacles set up by the "Creators". This is a classic dystopian storyline, with a high level of suspense and little to no actual down time in between franticly exciting scenes.


So what did I think of this book? Well the first one was awesome. Crazy, action packed, mysteries at every corner, and so many plot twists I could barely remember what the original storyline was. By the end of it I simply couldn't wait to read the next book- I had so many questions and unanswered stuff from the other books. So I jumped into the second book super pumped and excited. Well it turns out that the second one is not very different from the first, and the third is practically a copy. I got extremely bored, which is not supposed to happen when your reading and action book. The problem was that the author seemed to only be able to write one plot, which is really awesome once but not so awesome again. Plus, there were too many unclosed loops- so many things that originally seemed relevant but were never cleared up. That always frustrates me, and it ruins the quality of an otherwise good book. I had to stop reading the series, because I honestly wasn't hooked any more. The characters were fine, I liked all the boys. Thomas was fun to read about, and I also really liked Minho and Newt. But the author is NOT good at writing girl characters. All of them were static, boy crazy, deadpan machines. Teresa was very hard to relate to, and as a female I can assure you that that's not exactly how we act. Brenda was a little better, but not much. Also, the unnecessary love triangle in the second and third book? Come on! When will YA writers figure out that nobody likes love triangles! They're a cheaters way of creating romantic tension without a real dilemma! And we've read it a MILLION times! So that was disappointing for me. I enjoyed the actual problem, I thought the whole controlling government, solar flares, crazy virus was fun to read, and I thought it was pretty well executed. I just got sick of all the, "Oh we're telling you the truth now." and then "No, that was all a test but we're going to tell you the truth now." I felt like I never really knew anything. There was no basis to make predictions about the rest of the book.

So overall I was a bit disappointed by this series. But what did you think of the series? Did you like the characters? Comment down below!

P.S. I'm going to see the movie soon- I'd never even seen the first one because I don't like to watch the movie if I haven't read the book. But I'm excited to see it!