Sound Of Music!


That has been in my head for almost twenty four hours now. The reason being that yesterday I got to see The Sound Of Music at the Ahmanson theatre in LA! It was a wonderful show. This will be the fourth professional theatre production I've seen, and this was no exception to the amazingness of the last three! Wow! The singing was incredible. The woman who played Maria took it home. But my favorite was the Mother Abyss. She had this incredible voice that simply filled the whole entire room! Overall the play was beautiful. Also, shoutout to the set designers, amazing job. The backdrops were stunning. Wow. That's really all I can say. Wow. Keep up the totally awesome work artists and actors and musicians and all of you artistic creative people!

And here are some artsy photographs of my sisters' feet that I took while being bored as I waited to get into the theatre.

One more neat thing from the trip. On the drive home we stopped at a cute little sandwich place called Which Wich. They had a somewhat complicated system involving paper bags, and on the back people would draw with a marker and hang it up. Being a natural doodler, I had to draw something on mine as well. It might not make it into any museums but whatever. There were some super talented people who had eaten those sandwiches though. Check it out.
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