My Current Favorite's Playlist

So I've been listening to a lot of awesome music lately since my family got a trial subscription to Apple Music, which allows you to download and music for free and gives you TONS of great recommendations. I highly recommend trying this out, its great. But anyways I thought it might be fun to post what I call "Vivian's Current Favorites". You see, on my phone, instead of having a whole bunch of playlists for different moods or whatever I just have one playlist titled "Vivian's Current Favorites" that has all my favorite songs as of right that second. When I get tired of one I delete it and when I find a sweet new song I add it. So here it is- I hope that the screen shots are ok- it was too much to write down accurately and I thought the screenshots would just be easier

P.S. One more thing as a side note I really don't have a favorite genre of music and listen to everything so this playlist is going to be quite a mix to those of you who are hardcore one genre fans. You can pick and choose if you like :)

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