Journaling- Why it's the Best Part of my Day

So I just got back from a cross country meet today, and it's late and I'm tired. We all have days like that don't we? But I do something that helps me to unwind and de-stress after a long day like this. I journal. Some might call it keeping a diary or whatever, but that's too glamorous for me so I call it my journal, or my notebook. But you can call it your diary if you want. The point is, I've found it a super satisfying way to really process all the stuff going on in my life. And the best part is you can write ANYTHING you want, because nobody's going to read it! Poetry, events, dreams,
short stories, drawings, things observed, I write it all.

So I've been keeping a journal for quite sometime, and I've established some rules that I like to follow. It's up to you if you want to follow any rules at all, but I've found that these have helped me keep my journaling accurate and productive.

1) I have to write EVERY DAY. No matter how tired or lazy I am, I have to write. It's ok if it's super short, like "I'm tired." as long as it's something.

2) No going back and editing stuff from the past. I feel like editing stuff would kind of ruin the purpose, so for me, once it's on the paper it's on the paper.

3) No erasers. I don't really know why this rule works for me but it does. I think it helps to keep my journaling more raw and unedited. So whenever I write I use a pen, or a pencil without an eraser.

4) Nobody is allowed to read it. I think this one's pretty obvious right?

So if you don't already keep a journal or diary or notebook or whatever, I highly suggest you start. Just write something, even if it's a little bit, and soon enough you'll have established a solid habit. Even if you're not a good writer, just do it! Besides, how can you get better unless you try? If you already keep a notebook, comment down below with your rules, thoughts, ideas, etc., or if you're still curious, leave me some questions about my own journaling process. I'd be happy to answer. I'll leave you with this awesome quote I just made up- The only thing more satisfying than a new empty journal is an old filled up journal.

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