Don't Hide From Me

I sit there and watch as you glance down at the ever present screen.
The little grey bubble with it's dots that endlessly blurb in their hypnotizing pattern.
The light illuminates your face in the dark room.
I watch.
And wait.
And the bubble disappears.
I wait some more.
And watch.
You are gone.
I lean my head back.
I hate blurbs and bubbles.
I hate texts.
No I don't hate texts.
I just think they're a poor substitute to really animated beautiful faces.
You can't see expressions on screens.
You can't hear laughs through Ls and Os.
I want to see you.
I want to understand.
I don't know how to be there for you.
When you can never be here with me.
I wish I could fly to you with my mind.
Make sure everything's alright.
Why is eye contact so hard for you to hold?
I'm worried.
And I want to hear it from you.
I want to connect.
I want to be able to have your full attention.
A white screen and a jarring buzz and a quick glance down is not equivalent.
Will never be.
Technology was supposed to be an open door.
Instead, some of us have let it be a limit.
A limit to how much we can see.
When we decide the emotion coming from another is to overwhelming we throw up a screen.
We click a button and click off the real world.
We allow ourselves to become distracted.
And let ourselves be captured into the perfect pretending of people's fictional lives.
Why do you do this?
Open up your eyes.
THIS is the real thing! The real life! The real interaction and adventure!
It's ok to experience imperfection!
It's ok to be exhausted from emotions!
It's ok to see emotions!
It's ok to pay attention!
It's ok to be on social media.
As long as it's not a substitute for being social.
A screen shouldn't be a place to hide.
Don't hide from me.
I'm not afraid of you,
So don't be afraid of me.
Don't hide from me because I'm real.
And because you're real too.
Don't hide from me.

By Vivian

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