Sound Of Music!


That has been in my head for almost twenty four hours now. The reason being that yesterday I got to see The Sound Of Music at the Ahmanson theatre in LA! It was a wonderful show. This will be the fourth professional theatre production I've seen, and this was no exception to the amazingness of the last three! Wow! The singing was incredible. The woman who played Maria took it home. But my favorite was the Mother Abyss. She had this incredible voice that simply filled the whole entire room! Overall the play was beautiful. Also, shoutout to the set designers, amazing job. The backdrops were stunning. Wow. That's really all I can say. Wow. Keep up the totally awesome work artists and actors and musicians and all of you artistic creative people!

And here are some artsy photographs of my sisters' feet that I took while being bored as I waited to get into the theatre.

One more neat thing from the trip. On the drive home we stopped at a cute little sandwich place called Which Wich. They had a somewhat complicated system involving paper bags, and on the back people would draw with a marker and hang it up. Being a natural doodler, I had to draw something on mine as well. It might not make it into any museums but whatever. There were some super talented people who had eaten those sandwiches though. Check it out.
my entry

Feast Your Eyes Art Show

So I got to participate in another art show, which was so exciting for me. This art show was called Feast Your Eyes (cheesy, I know) and turned out to be a super neat show. The way it worked was that all the artists participating were given a plain white canvas, all the same size, and told to do whatever they wanted with it. The show turned out incredible- it's amazing to see what different artists think of when they are all given the same canvas. The way the show itself was set up was neat also- the pieces were arranged in a rainbow, so that the main colors of the paintings corresponded with each other. It gave me the thought about how our creations are better together- something to think on when you are going to sleep or zoning out during class. I thought it was a interesting thought. Anyways, I'm done monologuing, I'm sure you're sick of reading my ranting. Here are some pictures of the show (including my piece!) Enjoy!

the wall mine was on

I love this one so much

made with colored tape as far as I could tell- how amazing is that?

whoa- art journaling to a new level



this is crazy cool- check out that detail!

my mom especially loved this.

this makes me so happy. Mmmmm.

A wall of the paintings


this is neat...something to think about

I love the beetle

here's one with more paintings in the frame



I love the giraffes

this one's awesome

there's mine at the top- I will put a better picture of it up as soon as I get it back from the show. It was up too high and I couldn't quite reach it.

I love the clouds- Conjuring Clouds, what a beautiful name!

my piece in bad lighting..sigh..oh well.

Be Creative

I can't even tell you how many people I hear say that that they "aren't good at art". That they aren't artistic. Oh, no, I'm not creative. I don't do art. This puzzled and frustrated me for a long time. I once thought that maybe I wasn't made for art either, that maybe since I wasn't all that good at drawing I should give up. Maybe art just wasn't for me I thought to myself.

But I didn't give up. I practiced and I grew in my skill. I worked hard because I loved art and I wasn't going to loose it without a fight. I couldn't imagine life without it. And I still do to this day.

During this never ending perseverance, I often heard people inquire about my work, sometimes in awe or shock. "That's so good!" They would exclaim. "How do you draw like that? Your poetry is amazing! You're so lucky you can do stuff like that, I'm not creative at all. I can't draw. Art isn't my thing." I would often look down at my work in confusion. "Thanks." I would say. I was proud to receive the compliment, but I didn't understand why they thought my work was so good, and that it would be impossible for them to do it as well. Didn't they understand that I wasn't born with a pencil in my hand sketching figures? Didn't they realize that I was drawing stick figures in fifth grade also, that the short story they were reading had took me months of rewriting and revising to perfect?

I went along like this for some time, trying to figure out why some people weren't born with a gift of creating. It seemed strange to me that some people got to be good at things that others weren't. Especially since I had come to believe that art was something very important to a person's well-being. Art had grown sacred to me, and I saw it as a great gift that God had given me, a way to experience His beauty. Why did I get to experience that and others didn't? Why couldn't everyone be good at art?

I thought for a long time that certain people were born artsy and certain people weren't. But I'm here to tell you that that is a lie that thousands of people are telling themselves every day. We are naturally creative. It's impossible for us to not have some speck of creativity. The only thing stopping us is the little negative thought that society has ingrained in our heads- that some people are naturally good at somethings, and some naturally aren't. Sure maybe people are born with a certain adeptness for certain things, but that doesn't mean that others can't do it also. That doesn't make a difference for you. And chances are, if you really love something, that passion will carry an adeptness in itself. A fancy skill without a drive is worth nothing.

Now you're probably sitting there thinking, whoa Vivian, that's a pretty steep claim, why do YOU get to decide this is true? I assure you that this isn't something I made up, it's something I figured out, with plenty of reflection and thought and research. Remember, I'm a night-thinker. It's my JOB to overthink everything. Well not really but I can't help it. But anyways, let me explain to you how I figured this out.

First of all, I looked at all the people around me who also enjoyed art and were GOOD at it. And I realized something. All of them were practicing CONSTANTLY. They enjoyed it so much, that they would do it very often. And they improved. Sometimes I would ask to look at my artsy friends' sketchbooks from past years, and I would often see dramatic improvement. The thing was, these people obviously weren't born the next Claude Monet. They were born with a passion. A joy, an interest. And that's why they would practice so much. And the practicing is why they improved. The natural talent was nothing compared to the amount of time and effort they put into it because it brought them so much joy.

The second thing I did was look to God and His Word to figure this problem out. I thought that if God had truly chosen some people to be creative, then he probably would've mentioned it somewhere. But I found quite the opposite. What I realized was that God had created us in His image, yes? And what is He? THE ULTIMATE CREATOR! Therefore, we must be creators as well! Everyone!

While figuring this out I also noticed the fact that God calls us to be like the little children. Think back to kindergarten and preschool. What was one of the biggest pieces of the curriculum? Coloring, arts and crafts, pasting, cutting, building with blocks and legos, being creative. Maybe when God calls us to be like the little children, He's not just calling us to be innocent. Maybe He's also calling us to remember our creative spark that we were given. Maybe we aren't supposed to bury it under society's stigmas and stereotypes. Maybe we need to actually retain it, nurture it, use it.

I would like to note that art is not, by any means, limited to drawing and painting. I think that ANYTHING that involves creativity is art. That includes, sewing, cooking, interior decorating, scrapbooking, photography, writing, sculpture, architecture, graphics, fashion, dance, theatre, all of it. It's all art, and it all requires creativity.

So what I want to leave you with is that everyone is creative. There's no excuse. And we need to pursue and teach our creativity, and grow it and practice it. I'm not saying that everyone should paint all that time. Some people don't like painting. DON'T DO IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. I want you to pursue your creative passions. What have you always had an affinity for? What are you drawn to? What do you wish you could do? Believe me, you can do it. You just need to practice. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't good at it. Don't compare yourself to others and feel discouraged. Put in your time, your effort, your practice. Do it because you love it. Use the creativity God has given you. Don't let it go to waste. Your creativity is just as important as anyone else's, just as important as math or science. Art's purpose is to bring beauty. Who wants a world without beauty in it? Who want's an ugly world? Sure you could invent the next greatest thing. But who want's to use it if it's ugly and not pleasing to use or look at? Buildings could be effective and efficient, but nobody would ever want to live in them if they weren't aesthetically pleasing. Use your passions. Bring beauty into people's lives, into our world. Don't tell yourself you can't do it. Be creative.

Don't Hide From Me

I sit there and watch as you glance down at the ever present screen.
The little grey bubble with it's dots that endlessly blurb in their hypnotizing pattern.
The light illuminates your face in the dark room.
I watch.
And wait.
And the bubble disappears.
I wait some more.
And watch.
You are gone.
I lean my head back.
I hate blurbs and bubbles.
I hate texts.
No I don't hate texts.
I just think they're a poor substitute to really animated beautiful faces.
You can't see expressions on screens.
You can't hear laughs through Ls and Os.
I want to see you.
I want to understand.
I don't know how to be there for you.
When you can never be here with me.
I wish I could fly to you with my mind.
Make sure everything's alright.
Why is eye contact so hard for you to hold?
I'm worried.
And I want to hear it from you.
I want to connect.
I want to be able to have your full attention.
A white screen and a jarring buzz and a quick glance down is not equivalent.
Will never be.
Technology was supposed to be an open door.
Instead, some of us have let it be a limit.
A limit to how much we can see.
When we decide the emotion coming from another is to overwhelming we throw up a screen.
We click a button and click off the real world.
We allow ourselves to become distracted.
And let ourselves be captured into the perfect pretending of people's fictional lives.
Why do you do this?
Open up your eyes.
THIS is the real thing! The real life! The real interaction and adventure!
It's ok to experience imperfection!
It's ok to be exhausted from emotions!
It's ok to see emotions!
It's ok to pay attention!
It's ok to be on social media.
As long as it's not a substitute for being social.
A screen shouldn't be a place to hide.
Don't hide from me.
I'm not afraid of you,
So don't be afraid of me.
Don't hide from me because I'm real.
And because you're real too.
Don't hide from me.

By Vivian

Journaling- Why it's the Best Part of my Day

So I just got back from a cross country meet today, and it's late and I'm tired. We all have days like that don't we? But I do something that helps me to unwind and de-stress after a long day like this. I journal. Some might call it keeping a diary or whatever, but that's too glamorous for me so I call it my journal, or my notebook. But you can call it your diary if you want. The point is, I've found it a super satisfying way to really process all the stuff going on in my life. And the best part is you can write ANYTHING you want, because nobody's going to read it! Poetry, events, dreams,
short stories, drawings, things observed, I write it all.

So I've been keeping a journal for quite sometime, and I've established some rules that I like to follow. It's up to you if you want to follow any rules at all, but I've found that these have helped me keep my journaling accurate and productive.

1) I have to write EVERY DAY. No matter how tired or lazy I am, I have to write. It's ok if it's super short, like "I'm tired." as long as it's something.

2) No going back and editing stuff from the past. I feel like editing stuff would kind of ruin the purpose, so for me, once it's on the paper it's on the paper.

3) No erasers. I don't really know why this rule works for me but it does. I think it helps to keep my journaling more raw and unedited. So whenever I write I use a pen, or a pencil without an eraser.

4) Nobody is allowed to read it. I think this one's pretty obvious right?

So if you don't already keep a journal or diary or notebook or whatever, I highly suggest you start. Just write something, even if it's a little bit, and soon enough you'll have established a solid habit. Even if you're not a good writer, just do it! Besides, how can you get better unless you try? If you already keep a notebook, comment down below with your rules, thoughts, ideas, etc., or if you're still curious, leave me some questions about my own journaling process. I'd be happy to answer. I'll leave you with this awesome quote I just made up- The only thing more satisfying than a new empty journal is an old filled up journal.

My Converse

So I thought it might be cool to do a post on my converse. I'm not going to lie, I love shoe shopping, and my favorite shoes right now are converse. I only wear the hightop style- I like them so much! So I bought a pair of white ones for school, but they where only white for a minute because then I went to town with the sharpies. I think they came out super neat looking- I like wearing them so much! It's cool to have shoes I DIYed. Here's some pictures.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy Series Review

So I just finished the AMAZING Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, and thought it might be nice to do a little review. I read the whole series so I'll do it on all the books. So first, a summary:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a crazy, twisty, spiral, sic-fi comedy book that will leave you slightly in shock. It's very funny, and I really like the author's writing tone- it's very different. It's hard to summarize this book because there's so much that goes on in it, but I can at least say that it's a book about an average man named Arthur Dent who finds himself on a spaceship with a bunch of aliens and jumping through hyper-space, and all he wants is a nice cup of tea. Also, there's a lot of puzzling ideas in this book that will get your brain working.


Ok so my opinion on the book- I would give it a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale with ten being the best. I really enjoyed this book and was laughing quite a bit. The ending also was great- even thought some people might consider it disappointing. I thought it was quite proper for that book to end like that, and I liked how it seemed to come full circle. My favorite book from the series was Restaurant at the End of the Universe, I really like Milliway's and all the funny Zaphod stuff and the concepts in that book. The plot line started to get a bit hazy after that, but I think it was called for because of the author's writing style, and somehow the haziness managed to seem like quality haziness instead of laziness haziness. I liked Marvin a lot, no matter how annoying he might be at times. My one critique is the the characters in this book were hard to get attached to- they seemed a little static at times. I don't know if it was from a lack of description or what, but I just couldn't seem to grasp some of their concepts. I got Ford and Arthur and Zaphod ok, but Trillian managed to stump me throughout the entire series. I just couldn't figure her out. But it really didn't stop me from enjoying the book, the characters were fine for the storyline Adam's was writing. All in all I loved this whole series and would recommend it to anyone- it's a quick read. Just remember, 42!

What did you think of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Who was your favorite character? Drop a comment for me and let me know!

My Current Favorite's Playlist

So I've been listening to a lot of awesome music lately since my family got a trial subscription to Apple Music, which allows you to download and music for free and gives you TONS of great recommendations. I highly recommend trying this out, its great. But anyways I thought it might be fun to post what I call "Vivian's Current Favorites". You see, on my phone, instead of having a whole bunch of playlists for different moods or whatever I just have one playlist titled "Vivian's Current Favorites" that has all my favorite songs as of right that second. When I get tired of one I delete it and when I find a sweet new song I add it. So here it is- I hope that the screen shots are ok- it was too much to write down accurately and I thought the screenshots would just be easier

P.S. One more thing as a side note I really don't have a favorite genre of music and listen to everything so this playlist is going to be quite a mix to those of you who are hardcore one genre fans. You can pick and choose if you like :)

Some Sites you Need to Check Out

So I've been kind of playing around with the layout and design of my blog, and I have discovered these two awesome websites that are free and super helpful.

The first is This is a super neat site that will give you access to free, high resolution photos. All you have to do is subscribe- this sight is amazing!

The next one is Canva. Canva is a free graphic design website that allows you to create all sorts of images. There are templates, or you can upload your own photos! Again, all you have to do is subscribe. Super helpful.