Things to do When You're Alone

As the summer winds down many of us are probably getting a little stressed about school or whatnot. So here are some things I recommend doing to get some unwind time.

-Read a book. The best way to relax in my personal opinion.
-Do some sketching. Or painting or scrapbooking or whatever floats your boat. Get lost in that creative energy.
-Dig out an old journal and read the stuff you wrote.
-Write in a new journal. Let it all out.
-Do some online shopping. Wether you're shopping for new soccer cleats or maxi skirts it'll be fun to buy something, and satisfying to check something off your school clothes list.
-Watch something. Load up netflix and finish off the last season of that show. Don't forget the snacks!
-Go adventuring. Walk, bike, hike, run, skateboard, whatever. Just get outside and breathe the fresh air. Go somewhere new.
-Play some video games. Beat that level.
-Research something. Anything. Learn something new. Become an expert and wow your family and friends.
-Do some riddles. There's a great app for that. Let yourself be stumped a little.
-Sit and think. You don't have to always be doing something. Turn off the phone and close the computer. Open up the window and let yourself zone out.
-Reorganize your closet, or your desk, or your whole room! Make it neat.
-Write a list.
-Start a blog! It's fun :) And post the link on comments so I can check it out.
-Write a story.
-Read other people's short stories. Fanfic and all that fun stuff.
-Flip through a catalogue or magazine.
-Take some photos.
-Come up with some new outfits and hair-dos. Paint your nails a new color. It's always fun to rethink your style.
-Cook something. Bake up some brownies or blend yourself a mango peach smoothie.
-Listen to music. Try new mixes and revisit old playlists. Dance a little. Sing your heart out.

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