My Trip to Oregon

So I have been on a trip to Portland, Oregon for that last few days and just got back. It was a blast, and I have so many pictures to post. We stayed in the Pearl District, which is beautiful. I loved all the artistic culture and the city feel. I really loved Oregon a lot. I guess I haven't been there while it was raining, which might put a damper on it since I am a Southern California girl, but I think I would still like it, as I do enjoy the rain. So here are some pictures of the trip.

Nature Hike

Mt. St. Helens in the distance- pretty neat.

Sky tram. This thing is awesome. Talk about a cool form of public transportation! I felt like I was in some futuristic sic-fi movie!

If you go to Portland, go to Ovation. This was literally some of the best tea I've eve had. I got the Luwessa. I hear their coffee's really good too- I don't drink caffeine though so I didn't try it. But anyways its all Moroccan and super tasty so go there.

So we went to this amazing farm garden thing to pick blackberries. It was SOO beautiful. There was fields of flowers and zucchinis and peas and squash and berries and pear trees and more. So so pretty. I want a ranch like that when I grow up.

Little Big burger burger. So yummy. The name is very accurate- they are tiny burgers!

I love how they grow flowers off their lampposts- every town should do this.

Happy face in the sky. :)

Giant Yarn Balls in a shop window.

Powell's Books- HUGE bookstore. My heaven. :)

Concert!! We went to the Fish Fest in Salem. Blanca, Danny Gokey, Thousand Foot Crutch, Kutless, For King and Country, and Toby Mac played. Got some videos of some of them- check out the videos and their music.


  1. Just found your blog and had to comment on this post. I live in Portland Or and I love to see what people think about it! Hope you had a good time visiting! I had fun looking at all your pictures.